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1st Book of Commandments 108

Revelation Received Tuesday, December 10, 1833
By the Prophet Joseph (HC: 1:456)
At Kirtland, Ohio

O My God! Thou who hast called and chosen a few, through Thy weak instrument by commandment, and sent them to Missouri-- a place which Thou didst call Zion-- and commanded Thy servants to consecrate it unto Thyself for a place of refuge and safety for the gathering of Thy saints, to be built up an holy city unto Thyself;
And as Thou hast said that no other place should be appointed like unto this, therefore I ask Thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, to return Thy people unto their houses and their inheritances.
That all the waste places may be built up;
That all the enemies of Thy people, who will not repent and turn unto Thee, be destroyed from off the face of the land.
And let a house be built and established unto Thy name;
And let all the losses that Thy people have sustained be rewarded unto them, even more than fourfold-- that the borders of Zion be enlarged forever;
And let her be established no more to be thrown down;
And let all Thy saints, when they are scattered like sheep, and are persecuted, flee unto Zion, and be established in the midst of her;
And let her be organized according to Thy laws;
10 And let this prayer ever be recorded before Thy face.
11 Give the Holy Spirit unto my brethren, unto whom I write; send them angels to guard them, and deliver them from all evil;
12 And when they turn their faces toward Zion, and bow down before Thee and pray, may their sins never come up before Thy face, neither have place in the Book of Thy Remembrance.
13 And may they depart from all their iniquities.
14 Provide food for them as thou doest for the ravens; provide clothing to cover their nakedness, and houses that they may dwell therein;
15 Give unto them friends in abundance, and let their names be recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life, eternally before Thy face. Amen
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