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1st Book of Commandments 125

Revelation Received Monday, November 16, 1835
By the Prophet Joseph (HC 2:315-316)
For Harvey Whitlock and Erastus Holmes
At Kirtland, Ohio

Verily, thus saith the LORD unto you: Let him who was My servant Harvey, return unto Me, and unto the bosom of My Church, and forsake all the sins wherewith he has offended against Me--
And pursue from henceforth a virtuous and upright life, and remain under the direction of those whom I have appointed to be pillars and heads of My Church.
And behold, saith the Lord your God, his sins shall be blotted out from under heaven, and shall be forgotten from among men, and shall not come up in Mine ears, nor be recorded as a memorial against him;
But I will lift him up, as out of deep mire, and he shall be exalted upon the high places, and shall be counted worthy to stand among princes;
And shall yet be made a polished shaft in My quiver for bringing down the strongholds of wickedness among those who set themselves up on high, that they may take counsel against Me, and against My anointed ones in the last days.
Therefore, let him prepare himself speedily and come unto you, even to Kirtland.
And inasmuch as he shall hearken unto all your counsel from henceforth, he shall be restored unto his former state, and shall be saved unto the uttermost, even as the Lord your God liveth. Amen.

The word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Mr. Holmes had better not be baptized here--
That he had better not return by water;
10 Also that there were three men seeking his destruction-- he must beware of his enemies.
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