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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 137

Revelation Received January 12, 1838
By the Prophet Joseph
(Scriptory Book of Joseph Smith)
At the French Farm near Kirtland, Ohio

A question asked of the LORD concerning the trying of the First Presidency of the Church of Latter-day Saints for transgression according to the item of law found in the 3rd Section of the [1835] Book of Covenants, 37th verse: [D&C 107:82-84 or 1BC 118:82-84]--
Whether the decision of such a council of one Stake shall be conclusive for Zion and all the stakes.
Answer: Thus saith the LORD, the time has now come when a decision of such a council would not answer for Zion and all her stakes.
Question: What will answer for Zion and all her stakes?
Answer: Thus saith the LORD: Let the First Presidency of My church be held in full fellowship in Zion and all her stakes until they shall be found transgressors by such an high council as is named in the 3rd Section, 37th verse of the [1835] Book of Covenants in Zion by three witnesses standing against each member of said Presidency.
And said witnesses shall be of long and faithful standing, and such also as cannot be impeached by other witnesses before said council.

And when a decision is had by such a council in Zion, it shall only be for Zion, it shall not answer for her stakes.
But if said decision be acknowledged by the council of her stakes, then it shall answer for her stakes. But if it is not acknowledged by the stakes, then such stakes may have the privilege of hearing for themselves.
Or, if said decision shall be acknowledged by a majority of her stakes, then it shall answer for all her stakes.
10 And again, the Presidency of said church may be tried by the voice of the whole body of the church of Zion, and the voice of a majority of all her stakes.
11 And again, except a majority is had by the voice of the church of Zion, and a majority of her stakes, the charges will be considered not sustained.
12 And in order to sustain such charge or charges before said church of Zion or her stakes, such witnesses must be had as is named above;
13 That is, three witnesses to each president, who are of long and faithful standing that cannot be impeached by other witnesses before the church of Zion or her stakes.
14 And all this, saith the LORD, because of wicked and aspiring men, let all your doings be in meekness and in humility before Me.
Even so, Amen.
15 Question: Can any branch of the Church of Latter-day Saints be considered a stake of Zion until they have acknowledged the authority of the First Presidency, by a vote of said church?
16 Answer: Thus saith the LORD, verily I say unto you, nay.
17 Question: How then?
18 Answer: No stake shall be appointed except by the First Presidency-- and this Presidency be acknowledged by the voice of the LORD-- otherwise it shall not be counted as a stake of Zion.
19 And again, except it be dedicated by this Presidency it cannot be acknowledged as a stake of Zion, for unto this end have I appointed them in laying the foundation of, and establishing My kingdom.
20 Thus saith the LORD, let the Presidency of My church take their families as soon as it is practicable and a door is opened for them, and move unto the west as fast as the way is made plain before their faces.
21 And let their hearts be comforted, for I will be with them.
22 Verily I say unto you, the time has come that your labors are finished in this place-- for a season.
23 Therefore, arise and get yourselves into a land which I shall show unto you, even a land flowing with milk and honey.
24 You are clean from the blood of this people, and woe unto those who have become your enemies, who have professed My name saith the LORD, for their judgment lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.
25 Let all your faithful friends arise with their families also, and get out of this place, and gather themselves unto Zion.
26 And be at peace among yourselves, O ye inhabitants of Zion, or there shall be no safety for you.
Even so, Amen.
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