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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 149

Revelation Received Monday, May 13, 1839
By the Prophet Joseph (HC 3:350)
Of a Work Given Oliver Granger in 142:12-15
At Nauvoo, Illinois

We earnestly solicit the Saints scattered abroad to strengthen his hands with all their might, and to put such means into his hands as shall enable him to accomplish his lawful designs and purposes, according to the commandments, and according to the instructions which he shall give unto them.
And that they entrust him with moneys, lands, chattels, and goods, to assist him in this work;
And it shall redound greatly to the interest and welfare, peace and satisfaction of My Saints, saith the Lord God-- for this is an honorable agency which I have appointed unto him, saith the LORD.
And again, verily saith the LORD, I will lift up My servant Oliver, and beget him a great name on the earth, and among My people, because of the integrity of his soul.
Therefore, let all My Saints abound unto him, with all liberality and long suffering, and it shall be a blessing on their heads.
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