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1st Book of Commandments 151

Revelation Received Friday, October 2, 1840
By the Apostle Wilford Woodruff
(Wilford Woodruff Journal)
Near Manchester, England

Elder Heber C. Kimball and myself arose from our beds in the morning with the power of God resting upon us; yea, the Spirit of God is like fire shut up in my bones.
O my God! Why is Thy Spirit thus upon me? Why is mine eyes this morning a fountain of tears? What art Thou about to do, O my God, that does this thing?
I ask Thee, Father, to tell it unto me in the name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son.
Thus saith the Lord God unto thee, My servant Wilford. This is My Spirit that resteth upon thee to enlighten thy mind, to show thee things to come;
Not only upon thee, but upon all My faithful servants upon the face of the whole earth.
Therefore, lift up thy voice and spare not, for I am about to perform a great work upon the face of the earth, saith the LORD.
Mine indignation is about to be poured out without measure upon the heads of this nation, and all the nations of the earth, and they shall not escape.
The cry of the poor, the widow and orphan is ascending into Mine ears, saith the LORD, and I am about to avenge the cry of Mine elect by laying low the oppressor, and executing the decree of Mine heart upon all the ungodly from among men.
Therefore, I put My Spirit upon thee and say unto thee, Lift up thy voice and spare not! And call upon all men to repent that come within the sound of thy voice-- and many souls shall be given unto thee, and great shall be thy reward, and eternal shall be thy glory, saith the LORD.
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