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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 156

Dated Sunday, October 31, 1841
Excerpt of Hyrum Smith's Letter (HC 4:443)
At Nauvoo, Illinois

All the Saints that dwell in that land are commanded to come away, for this is "Thus saith the LORD;"
Therefore pay out no moneys, nor properties for houses, nor lands in that country, for if you do you will lose them, for the time shall come, that you shall not possess them in peace, but shall be scourged with a sore scourge;
Yet your children may possess them, but not until many years shall pass away;
And as to the organization of that branch of the Church, it is not according to the Spirit and will of God;
And as to the designs of the leading members of that branch relative to the printing press, and the ordaining of Elders, and sending out Elders to beg for the poor, are not according to the will of God; and in these things they shall not prosper;
For they have neglected the House of the Lord, the baptismal font, in this place, wherein their dead may be redeemed,
And the key of knowledge that unfolds the dispensation of the fullness of times may be turned, and the mysteries of God be unfolded, upon which their salvation, and the salvation of the world, and the redemption of their dead depends;
For "thus saith the LORD," there shall not be a general assembly for a general conference assembled together until the House of the Lord and the baptismal font shall be finished;
And if we are not diligent the Church shall be rejected, and their dead also, saith the LORD."
10 Therefore, dear brethren, any proceedings of the Saints otherwise than to put forth their hands with their might to do this work, is not according to the will of God, and shall not prosper; therefore, tarry not in any place whatever, but come forth unto this place from all the world, until it is filled up, and polished, and sanctified according to My word, saith the LORD.
11 Come ye forth from the ends of the earth, that I may hide you from Mine indignation that shall scourge the wicked, and then I will send forth and build up Kirtland, and it shall be polished and refined according to My word;
12 Therefore your doings and your organizations and designs in printing, or any of your councils, are not of Me, saith the LORD, Even so. Amen.

HYRUM SMITH, Patriarch for the whole Church.
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