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1st Book of Commandments 161

Revelation Received Wednesday, July 27, 1842
By the Prophet Joseph
(Joseph Smith Collection, LDS Archives)
At Nauvoo, Illinois

Verily thus saith the LORD unto My servant Newel K. Whitney: the thing that My servant Joseph Smith has made know unto you and your family, and which you have agreed upon is right in Mine eyes;
And shall be crowned upon your heads with honor and immortality and Eternal Life to all your house, both old and young, because of the lineage of My priesthood, saith the LORD.
It shall be upon you and upon your children after you from generation to generation, by virtue of the holy promise which I now make unto you, saith the LORD.

These are the words which you shall pronounce upon My servant Joseph and your daughter Sarah Ann Whitney.

They shall take each other by the hand and you shall say:
You both mutually agree-- calling them by name-- to be each others companion so long as you both shall live, preserving yourselves for each other, and from all others, and also throughout all eternity;
Reserving only those rights which have been given to My servant Joseph by revelation and commandment, and by legal authority in times past.
If you both agree to covenant and to this, then I give you, Sarah Ann Whitney, my daughter, to Joseph Smith, to be his wife, to observe all the rights between you both that belong to that condition.
I do it in my own name and in the name of my wife, your mother, and in the name of my holy progenitors, by right of birth, which is of the priesthood vested in me by revelation and commandment, and promise of the living God;
10 Obtained by the Holy Melchizedek, Jethro and others of the Holy Fathers-- commanding in the name of the LORD all those powers to concentrate in you and through you to your posterity forever.
11 All these things I do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that through this Order He may be glorified, and through the power of anointing David may reign King over Israel-- which shall hereafter be revealed.
12 Let immortality and Eternal Life henceforth be sealed upon your heads, forever and ever.
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