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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 174

Inspired Teachings given February 2, 1852
By President Brigham Young
Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

The Lord said, I will not kill Cain but I will put a mark upon him. And it is seen in the face of every Negro on the Earth.
And it is the decree of God that that mark shall remain upon the seed of Cain, and the curse, until all the seed of Abel should be redeemed.
And Cain will not receive the priesthood or salvation until all the seed of Abel are Redeemed.
Any man having one drop of the seed of Cain in him cannot hold the Priesthood.
And if no other Prophet ever spake it before I will say it now in the name of Jesus Christ.
I know it is true and they know it. The Negro cannot hold one particle of government.
But the day will come when all the seed of Cain will be redeemed and have all the blessings we have now; and a great deal more.
But the seed of Abel will be ahead of the seed of Cain to all eternity.
Let me consent today to mingle my seed with the seed of Cain, It would bring the same curse upon me. And it would upon any man.
10 And if any man mingles his seed with the seed of Cain, the only way he could get rid of it or have salvation would be to come forward and have his head cut off, and spill his blood upon the ground. It would also take the life of his Children?
11 There is not one of the seed of old Cain that is permitted to rule and reign over the seed of Abel. And you nor I cannot Help it.
12 Those that do bear rule should do it in righteousness. I am opposed to the present system of slavery. The Negro Should serve the seed of Abraham, but it should be done right.
13 Do not abuse the Negro and treat him cruel.
14 As an ensample, let the Presidency, Twelve, Seventies, High Priests, Bishops and all the Authorities say, "Now we will go and mingle with the seed of Cain, and they may have all the privileges they want."
15 We lift our hands to heaven in support of this. That moment we lose the priesthood and all Blessings. And we would not be redeemed until Cain was.
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