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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 177

Revelation Received Wed, February 22, 1877
By Apostle Wilford Woodruff
(Wilford Woodruff Journal, March 1, 1877)
At St. George, Utah Territory

The Spirit of the LORD rested upon me, and conveyed the following testimony to me;
Let My servant Wilford call upon the virgins, maidens, daughters and mothers in Zion, an let them enter into My holy Temple on the first day of March, the day that My servant Wilford has seen the time allotted to man, three score years and ten.
And there let them receive their washings and anointings and endowments for and in behalf of the wives who are dead, and have been sealed to My servant Wilford, or they who are to be sealed to him; and this shall be acceptable to Me, saith the LORD.
And the dead of My servant shall be redeemed in the spirit world, and be prepared to meet My servant at the time of his coming, which shall be at the time appointed unto him, though not revealed to man in the flesh.
Now, go to and perform this work, and all shall be accomplished according to the desire of your heart.
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