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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 186

Revelation Received in May, 1884
By President John Taylor
(John Taylor Papers, LDS Archives)
At Logan, Utah Territory

As thou hast asked Me concerning this temple, thus saith the LORD: I accept this house which thou hast built;
And also the labors of the Committee, the Superintendent, and the Architect thereof, and of those who have in anywise contributed to the building or beautifying the same, by their labor or by their means;
And inasmuch as it shall be preserved pure and not by defiled, My presence shall be there, even the power of My Spirit, the Gift of the Holy Ghost; which shall in this house hereafter be more fully understood;
And I will acknowledge the ordinances which shall be administered therein, both for the living and the dead;
And My blessings shall attend the administration of the ordinances, and shall rest upon those who administer therein, inasmuch as they comply with the order of My house, and act with purity and singleness of heart before Me, according to My word, My ordinances and My law;
And this house shall be a house of prayer, a house of learning, a house of God, wherein many great principles pertaining to the past, to the present, and the future shall be revealed.
And My word and My will be made known, and the laws of the universe, pertaining to this world and other worlds be developed;
For in these houses which have been built unto Me, and which shall be built, I will reveal the abundance of those things pertaining to the past, the present, and the future--
To the life that now is, and the life that is to come, pertaining to law, order, rule, dominion, and government; to things affecting this nation and other nations.
10 The laws of the heavenly bodies in their times and seasons, and the principles or laws by which they are governed, and their relation to each other, and whether they be bodies Celestial, terrestrial, or telestial shall all be made known as I will, saith the LORD.
11 For it is My will and My purpose to place My people in closer communion with the heavens, inasmuch as they will purify themselves and observe more diligently My law;
12 For it is in Mine heart to greatly bless and exalt My people, and to build up, exalt, and beautify My Zion, inasmuch as they shall observe My law.
Even so, Amen.
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