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Restitutionist LDS
1st Book of Commandments 87

Revelation Received Tuesday, March 20, 1832
By the Prophet Joseph
(Kirtland Revelation Book, Page 19)
At Hiram, Ohio

First-- Shall we procure the paper required of our brethren in this letter, and carry it with us or not? And if we do, what money shall we use for that purpose?
It is expedient, saith the LORD unto you, that the paper shall be purchased for the printing of the book of the LORD's commandments.
And it must needs be that you take it with you, for it is not expedient that My servant Martin Harris should as yet go up unto the land of Zion.
Let the purchase be made by the bishop.
If it needs must be by hire, whatsoever is done, let it be done in the name of the LORD.
Second-- Shall we finish the translation of the New Testament before we go to Zion, or wait till we return?
It is expedient, saith the LORD, that there be no delays; and this, saith the LORD, is for the greatest good and benefit of the church-- wherefore omit translating for the present time.
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