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2nd Book of Commandments 1

The First Revelation to The Prophet
Received February or March, 1961
At Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the Lord God: Not until the church again lives the New and Everlasting Covenant as revealed to them in plainness by My servant the Prophet Joseph Smith, and verified from time to time by others of My holy prophets, will I instruct and guide this church with further enlightenment.
For if ye will not receive the word ye have, what profit will it be if I reveal more to you? For you will treat it as naught and trample it under your feet.
Repent therefore, both the sheep and the shepherd, and I will reveal more of the mysteries of My kingdom, for I will give here a little and there a little, line upon line, and precept upon precept, if ye will have it, until you have all truth and are able to stand in My presence.
For My word is as a refiner's fire, dividing the evil from the good, and sharper than a two-edged sword dividing asunder both bone and marrow.
Repent therefore! Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
Call upon My name both day and night and repent of your many iniquities, and I will forgive you, and you will again be acceptable as My church.
For there are many among you, even of your leaders, and those who call themselves your leaders, who are not acceptable in My sight, for they do corrupt the right ways of the LORD, and do pervert My doctrines which I have so plainly revealed to you in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.
This they do because they have not the Spirit, and seek after the glory of the world and not My glory, for I see their works, and know their acts, and they are not of Me, and I have not sent them.
Repent therefore, and come unto Me, and learn of My ways and I will be your shepherd and ye will be My sheep.

10 And again that same afternoon, shortly after:
11 Thus saith the LORD: Woe unto them that seek to hide their counsel from the LORD, who pervert the ways of the LORD, and by their many words flatter many away on forbidden paths, saying that sin is not sin.

12 To turn away the widows and orphans: I say unto you, is this not sin? Ye know that it is, but you excuse yourselves saying, "We are busy doing the LORD's work."
13 I say unto you, is this not the LORD's work, to feed the widows and the orphans?
14 Woe unto the bishops of My church who deny the poor, for they shall be accountable before Me when they stand before My judgment, and unless they speedily repent they shall be cast off.
15 Marvel not how these revelations come, for My ways are strange ways, and not after the understanding of men; and I use the small and contemptible things of the world to bring to pass My marvelous works, for they shall be brought forth even in spite of the wicked.
16 I have sent My Servant for this purpose, for is he not contemptible and is esteemed as naught among his brethren?
17 Ask Me if these things are not of Me. Have I not said, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you?
18 But I say unto you, there are many who seek after a sign, but signs shall follow those that believe, and ye shall know them by their works.
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