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2nd Book of Commandments 100

Revelation received September 9, 1983
At Boise, Idaho

Thus saith the LORD concerning the Sabbath. Behold I say unto you, how oft must I reveal unto you the simple things of My Kingdom when it is so clearly spelled out?
Have I not said that each day of the creation was from the evening of the first day to the evening of the second day, and every day thereafter until the seventh; and this shall be from the evening of the sixth day to the evening of the seventh.
And it is My will that ye celebrate the Sabbath from six o'clock on the sixth day to six o'clock on the seventh-- this because of the times of the seasons in the different parts of the earth, and thus it is written in My scriptures and remaineth still.
Why then do ye not understand My word? Oh ye of little faith who must be instructed in all things, how long will My Spirit strive with thee?
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