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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 102

Revelation received October 17, 1983
At Boise, Idaho

My son! Ye have asked Me whether it be right what ye are doing, and I say unto you, be not discouraged, for I am with you in all that ye do and I have not forsaken you, for My Spirit has guided you aright and have you not been blessed?
Behold ye have wondered concerning the farm, and ye have wondered why the monies have not come through.
Behold it is wise that this should be so, but ere long ye shall have the monies, and more than you would have expected.
Ye shall place your other property up for sale in the spring as you had thought to do and I shall open up the hearts of the people in the Salem area that ye will be able to purchase property there at a reasonable price.
For ye shall not pursue the Yost property for the present, for instructions for this development must come from Frank, for it is his responsibility.
But if he neglects his calling I shall choose another, for My work must go forth in spite of the wicked.
All who heed not My promptings are fornicators and desire their own.
For some are lifted up, boasting in their own strength because they have received gifts and power from Me, and they believe that it is because of their own efforts.
Behold I shall humble them with a great humbling that perhaps they repent and heed My word.

10 And unto My servant Robert2, I say unto him that he make every effort to sell his property in Prince George that he may pay off the farm and not wait until the spring.
11 Nevertheless, I would that he seek My word concerning the matter, for I will surely show him what he must do.
12 For I have made him bishop over the material things of My vineyard in that part of Zion.
13 For is not the School of the Prophets part of Zion, and is not the United Order part of Zion, and am I not the head of Zion?
14 Then can I not speak to those who are called by Me to govern that part of Zion?
15 Have I not spoken to thee in the past by the still small voice, and ye understood not that it was I, but surely it was.
16 It is not expedient that ye receive My word always through My servant, for he is not always there to instruct thee.
17 Therefore ye shall listen for My Spirit, for it shall surely whisper My word to thee from time to time.

18 And also I say unto My servant, mail all the mail that is ready. Do all the towns round about as they have been prepared, even procrastinate no longer, for I will yet reap a few.
19 But send not out those for Cardston itself until again I instruct you.
20 Behold I say unto you, the time has come when the people will begin to be riled up against thee, for the wicked must be exposed, for the more wicked part of the people will begin to be angered seeing that their false teachings and their lyings and deceits are about to be exposed.
21 Therefore be ye wise, for if they know not who to be angry at, they will begin to turn on themselves, believing each neighbor to be at fault.
22 Behold, take heed from the three hundred who in olden times went against the vast army of the Philistines.
23 For they awoke in the dark, and hearing the great clamor and fearing a great army of Israelites had descended upon them, each man fought his neighbor and a great slaughter came upon them, this without a single Israelite being slain.
24 Be therefore wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.
25 Therefore, go about your business quietly and take special care that ye do your work well where ye are employed that no man find fault with what ye do.
26 Were I among you, would ye yet heed My word or would you reject Me as those of old?
27 For but a few heeded Me while I was upon the earth. Then will ye heed Me through My Servant whom I have sent?
28 Behold I say unto you, do they not cast out My Servant from among them and accept those who are the false prophets to satisfy their itching ears?
29 Behold Mine anger is poured out upon them, for their cup of iniquity is near full and running over.
30 Oh, that they would heed My word and repent, and be not destroyed!
31 How oft would I have gathered them as a hen gather her chicks under her wings and they would not!
32 Behold I say unto you, My kingdom is about to be set up on this earth and none shall put forth their hand to impede its establishment.
33 For those who fight against Zion shall surely perish.

34 Ye have also wondered concerning the laws of Zion. Behold I say unto you, they will be the same as in ancient Israel.
35 For did not Moses, through Me, give them the law, and was it not just and equitable?
36 For if a man stole from his neighbor, was he not required to restore unto that man fourfold?
37 And if a man bore false witness was he not required to pay the man he bore false witness against fifty shekels of silver?
38 And if a man lied, was he not given lashes even according to the severity of his lie?
39 And if a man committed adultery was he not surely put to death?
40 And if a man struck and killed another intentionally, was he not likewise put to death?
41 And if a man accidentally killed another, was it not the right of the family of the deceased to see that justice was done, and could this man not flee to the holy cities and there find protection against the anger of the deceased family?
42 For until their anger subsided, were these not places of refuge?
43 And was it not the law that if a man died and left a widow or widows, his older brother would take his wife or wives and raise up unto his brother a posterity that his name not be blotted out in Israel?
44 And those who did not this were cast from the congregation, that they could no longer enter in.
45 And those who looked not after their own were cast from the congregation and fined even to the extent of their neglect.
46 Behold I say unto you, were these not just and equitable laws? But ye have made a mockery of them, for ye destroy not the wicked from among you and ye allow them to corrupt and debase-- not only yourselves but your little ones, that they grow up like unto them.
47 And ye put up as examples vile men and corrupt in every way, and ye place at their feet your money that they may entertain you with their corrupt ways all the day long.
48 Behold ye raise up unto yourselves a corrupt generation that seek their own pleasures and not My will.
49 Nevertheless, men must have their free agency even though they use it to bring about their own destruction.
50 Behold ye seek and do place at your head the most corrupt men that seek only to destroy My law and place into effect laws that will bring but confusion and destruction.
51 Yea, they teach that debt and usury are a good thing, that they may enslave the people and gain power over all things.
52 Behold, ye must seek to set up the United Order that correct principles be taught concerning the use of money, that My people be free from these burdens.
Even so, Amen.
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