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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 103

Revelation received November 1983
At Boise, Idaho
Continuing Section 26
The Parable of the Deceitful Merchants

And the merchants returned to their own country and they had no fear, for they knew that the people to whom they sold the false gold, silver and jewels had no recourse for they lived in a different land and country whose laws and customs were different.
Yet it came to pass that the righteous man whom they did at first scoff, a few of the people after they had truly repented, made him their leader and he did become great in the land.
For they did see that they had been wicked and greedy and had been deceived.
And they did realize that this man, among them all, had not been deceived because the LORD was with him.
And because the LORD was with him, he became ruler over many nations and eventually became ruler over the land where these evil merchants lived.
And behold the evil merchants knew him not, for they before had not taken notice of him except to deride and ridicule him.
And seeing this new ruler, they thought to themselves that perhaps they could become in partnership with him to get gain and again deceive the people.
They then approached him and offered their services, speaking smoothly and convincingly to him that he should confide in them, offering him gold and silver and precious jewels if he did.
And he also knew them not, for they had disguised themselves as benevolent ministers.
10 Nevertheless, when they did offer him gold and silver, he became suspicious and he did have his servants investigate these men, and behold he found that they were the same merchants who had deceived the people with false gold and silver and jewels.
11 Therefore he came before them and accepted their offers and made them welcome, and befriended them until he had them in complete confidence.
12 And they, believing they had convinced him to be their partner, revealed to him where they had stored their vast riches which they had stolen from the people.
13 And when he had found out their secrets, he sent his servants and seized all that they had.
14 And he broadcast throughout the land the extent of their deceits and lyings.
15 And all who could prove that they had been deceived and had paid for false gold and silver and jewels could claim what was stolen from them.
16 And the few that did, their goods were restored to them and they did rejoice and did bless the righteous man, for he did restore that which had been stolen and lost.
17 And the majority were so ashamed to admit their folly they had thrown away any evidence of their purchase, and some who did try to claim their goods and monies could not prove them and they were again angry and their countenances fell.
18 And the deceitful merchants were severely punished and put in servitude to others, for all they had was taken from them.
19 And since they had spent all their lives in idleness and in cheating others, they knew not how to otherwise make a living, therefore eventually they went about begging, for no one would hire them.
20 And some of those whom they had deceived, and who were not able to prove, or were too ashamed to claim that which they had been swindled of, were extremely angry and their anger was kindled against them in an extreme manner.
21 Thus they did take hold of them in their anger and did beat them severely, and left them and they did die in infamy, being wicked and greedy men who desired riches and goods for which they had not worked.
22 Behold I say unto you, all these things that have been written shall surely come to pass for I your LORD lie not, neither is their deceit in My mouth, for I say truly that the wicked shall be exposed and the righteous be vindicated.
Even so, Amen.
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