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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 104

Revelation received November 26, 1983
At Boise, Idaho

Thus saith the LORD unto My people. Behold I say unto you at this time that I am not well pleased with all that ye do, for each wish to go their own way and heed not My will.
For ye have made little effort to vindicate My servant John Koyle, for many who otherwise would not heed My word will be affected by these broadcasts.
Howbeit, if ye are unable to broadcast, write up short transcripts for the newspaper.
Also ye are not advertising your meetings as I have commanded, for this would cost you little and be of great value.
And ye shall have this meeting separate from your other meetings, and ye shall prepare lessons that will be edifying and informative to those who would come.
Therefore, ye shall commence this without delay and procrastinate no longer.
For the time has come for great manifestations of My power to appear among the people if they will but keep My commandments and obey My will in all things.
For I will bless those who have been called with all manner of gifts even as of old, for old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions and I shall speak to every man that error not enter in all My holy mountain.
For I will not hold back to those who love Me and heed My will and hear My prophets.
10 And this day ye have read that which I have caused My servant Lee to write concerning the apostasy of My people in which they have committed fornication against Me.
11 Behold I say unto you, when ye prepare the pamphlets to send out to the presidents of Stakes and bishops of the wards of My church, ye shall prepare and send this discourse also that all these be warned.
12 And ye shall send this to the President of My church and all the Apostles, and presidents, and members of the First Council of Seventy, and the Presiding Bishop as a final testimony against them.
13 I call My servant William to take this document and present it to the President and Twelve Apostles of My Church as a final witness to them, for they must have a final witness.
14 And if they accept not the witness, ye shall send it to them, each and every one, by registered mail that it be a witness against them at the last day.
15 For I have called My servant William to be a special witness.

16 I have also called My servant Lee to be a special witness, but he hath a calling the same as My servant Parley P. Pratt, for I have given unto him the Spirit of Discourse that he may discern and understand the scriptures and teach the people the truth of My gospel.

17 And unto My servant, it is My will that he shall go out no more and labor among Babylon, for he has labored these past many years with little help, for this is not his calling.
18 I say unto him, that he prepare himself as a teacher among My people, and be an especial instructor in My school.
19 And he shall prepare even lessons that may edify and inspire My people.
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