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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 105

Revelation received December 28, 1983
At Boise, Idaho

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. I am who I am, even the beginning and the last, even the Savior of the world-- and I do speak unto you by the still small voice and say unto you: be not discouraged nor despondent, for ye shall be comforted and blessed for your efforts to keep My commandments.
But ye are hampered in your efforts and actions by those around you who say, "We do" but do not.
For they say, "We will keep the LORD's commandments at our own convenience when it is easier for us do to it in a month or two or three in the future."
For they can be likened unto the members of My church who saith, "We know these laws, and we will keep them by and by, but not now, for the LORD does not require that we keep these laws only when we can do so as the law of the land permits."
Behold I say unto you, they have more excuse than ye do.
For I say unto you, when I give a commandment unto the children of men they are to accomplish the commandment as soon as they have received it unless I indicate otherwise.
But ye have not done this, but have said, "We shall wait for this and this to happen, then we will be more able to do it."
And thus ye do hinder My work, for you place upon others burdens that are not theirs to bear.

Again I say unto you, that it is no longer necessary to send to the church membership the pamphlets ye have before sent them, even Sections 24, 25, and 26, except those which ye have already printed until I command you again to do so.
10 But ye must prepare that which I have before mentioned in My previous revelations: for the Presidency of the Church and the presidents of stakes and members of the high councils and the bishops and their counselors.
11 And ye must accomplish this thing using all your efforts.

12 Ye shall also prepare to transport the printing equipment to Salem, Utah, and do so as soon as ye have completed printing the Book of Onias, and sufficient copies of the pamphlets and discourse for mailing.
13 For I say unto you, from this time forth ye shall no longer mail the pamphlets from Boise.
14 Behold there is a wise purpose in following this plan that ye know not of, and it must needs be that ye follow this as I have stated, otherwise there is no blessing.

15 And again I say unto My servant William, that he prepareth not himself sufficiently to receive Mine oracles, and he must needs repent, for it is imperative that he receive revelation from time to time that he make proper decisions for his family and for the work that I shall give unto him.
16 Behold I say unto My servant, that in these last days thy life has been in danger and peril-- for the adversary has sought to destroy thee.
17 Not only through those whom ye love, persuading them to be in opposition to thee, but also by the working upon your own weaknesses, discouraging thee greatly in your efforts to keep My laws and statutes and possibly preventing thee from accomplishing that which I have commanded thee to do.
18 But I have lifted thee up and supported thee and given thee sufficient strength that thou faileth not.
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