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2nd Book of Commandments 106

Revelation received March 16, 1984
At Genola, Utah

Thus saith the LORD by the still small voice unto My Servant.
There are many things I have to say unto this people who have stepped forward at this time, even Mine elect, by way of instruction and doctrine that they may know My will concerning them, that there be order in My Kingdom and in Zion.
Behold I say unto you that I am well pleased with your efforts in the preparation of the pamphlets and their sending forth unto the world.
And ye shall make haste in sending forth these pamphlets in the order that I have indicated, fearing not men or what they can do.

And again concerning the receiving of revelation in My school.
When a man or woman receives a revelation pertaining to their own calling in Zion, it shall be brought before the School in their area, and they can receive confirmation from Me whether it should be acted upon or not, or whether it be from Me or from another source.
And if there be a disputation, it shall be referred to the School of the Prophets for the Whole World.
And I have called as members of this School My servants: Heber, Lee, Robert, Robert2, Richard and William.
And I have called these men out of the world, and they have proven themselves in the fire of adversity and are worthy.
10 And I have called My Servant to be President of this School.
11 And behold, if a man receive a revelation and it is not pertaining to his calling, or it pertains to more than those who are under his jurisdiction, it shall be brought before this School of the Prophets for the Whole World.
12 And to complete this quorum, I call upon My servant Barry to be a counselor in this School and he shall be released from the Presidency of the School in Provo.
13 And ye are My friends, for ye have come out of the world and have heeded My word and My commandments without question, and have been tried and proven in the fire of adversity and if ye endure unto the end, ye shall receive Eternal Lives.
14 And this School shall be called the School of the Prophets for the Whole World.
15 And those whom I have called in Provo shall be called the School of the Prophets for the Provo Area, and thus I shall fill My footstool that the righteous of all nations may come and learn My word concerning them.
16 And I call My servant Ronald to be a full counselor in this School, and the other counselors shall remain.
17 And as President of this School I call My servant David2.
18 And they shall meet together and call upon Me saith the LORD and choose by My word a bishop from the remainder of those whom have stepped forward, that all things be done in order.
19 Nevertheless, ye shall say unto My servant Ronald that he shall continue to prepare the pamphlets and complete the other works, and continue on in the office of a bishop until another be chosen.

20 And all who are called to My school are called to set up the United Order among themselves and shall place all their material possessions at the bishop's feet, taking the covenants of the Order that ye begin to be Mine saith the LORD.
21 And those that be idle shall not be found among you, and all shall work for the redemption of Zion.
22 And so shall My school be organized in every region if there be sufficient to do so according to My word as I shall call.

23 And have I not opened up the windows of heaven and poured out My spirit upon you as I have promised, and have I not spoken by the still small voice and given unto you witnesses that ye may know of a surety of these things?
24 Nevertheless, not all that ye have received is of Me, and by My Spirit ye shall discern all things.
25 And unto those who are left in Boise, behold I say unto you, fear not for I am with thee; and unto William, I say unto him that it is not correct for him to go on the drywatch, for I call him to be a bishop in the Boise area.
26 And he shall not neglect the gift I have given unto him, but continue to pursue it until he becomes proficient that he be a blessing unto My people.
27 And he shall seek and obtain further work in Boise, and I will bless him in this matter that he may be able to provide well for his family, for it is My will that he be not separate from his family at this time.
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