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2nd Book of Commandments 107

Revelation received March 29, 1984
At Genola, Utah

My son, ye have asked Me concerning the revelations of Ronald, whether they be of Me or not.
Behold My son, they are not of Me; for have I not explained in detail the marriage covenant and wherein have I instructed thee in any matter as to a man coming to his wife? For ye have much more knowledge of cleanliness than did Mine ancient covenant people, and I gave these laws that they be not destroyed by disease and be swept from the earth.
And I have said previously that if a man lieth with a woman he must then take her unto himself to be his wife, but if it be not by a sign and witness or by My word, then they are out of order.
But if it be by a sign and witness then let none forbid, for it is of Me and I shall bless them.

And concerning the other revelations, they also are not of Me, and cannot be, for all revelation pertaining to Zion shall be brought before the World School of the Prophets, even as I before have said, and none can be hid from the head.
And thus ye shall know from this time forth, that those who seek to hide their revelations, except it be commanded by Me that they be shown only to whom I shall reveal to thee, ye know of a surety they are not from Me but from a different source.
For the still small voice dictateth not to the mind, but speaketh by the Spirit which taketh not away from his free agency, but alloweth him to use his own words and diction, howbeit it is My mind and will.
And unto the brothers, let them be patient and heed My word through My prophet and refrain from doing that which they have contemplated, for vengeance is Mine, and I will deal with Mine enemies in Mine own due time.
For if they do this thing, they will be destroyed and then will they be of use in building up of My kingdom?
10 For have I not said that I would fight your battles?
11 And have I not fought the battles for My servant, and have not those that have fought against him been smitten and their authority been destroyed?
12 For it is worse for a man to lose his Priesthood than to lose his life; nevertheless, they soon shall suffer the physical destruction of their bodies, for the time will soon come when the destruction I have promised will be upon them.
13 And if the brothers heed not My word and continue to be influenced by false spirits and repent not, ye shall release them from My school and appoint others.
14 Yet if they thoroughly repent, I will be merciful unto them.
15 And they have accused My servants, yet it is because of their actions that I have not opened the windows of Heaven as ye have asked.
16 For at first their hearts were right before Me, but because they desired the head they lost My Spirit.
17 And when they no longer had My Spirit, they sought to advance without it, for they sought not nor listened to their head, but sought to be a law unto themselves, and then they received the promptings of the false spirit.
18 Nevertheless, My servant Timothy is correct before Me, and if he continues in the path of righteousness, I will bless him with My Spirit that he may discern the spirits and accept the truth.
19 And unto My servant Mark, I say unto you, ye have a gift; nevertheless, ye shall use it by the guidance of the School that it be a blessing unto My people.

20 And concerning the sacrament, behold I have said unto you through My servant Joseph Smith that ye purchase not wine from your enemies, yet ye have heeded not My instructions and ye have received a false spirit by its use.
21 Therefore, if ye use wine, it shall be of your own making and not of your enemies, for they prepare wine that it be used to bind men with great fetters, and if ye use it ye also will be bound with these fetters.
22 Behold, I say these things by way of instruction that ye may learn wisdom, for this is the purpose of My school.
23 Continually seek for My Spirit, nevertheless ye must try the spirits that ye be not deceived.
Even so, Amen.
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