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2nd Book of Commandments 108

Revelation received in May 1984
At Genola, Utah

My son, ye have not done as I have commanded and written what I have revealed to thee by the still small voice.
Therefore, I have withdrawn a portion of My Spirit, and ye have been left unto thyself.
Therefore I command you to write that which has already been given to thee, for it is most important that the people be instructed in all matters pertaining to My Kingdom at the time designated; otherwise, the prophet receiving the direction is under condemnation, for this is resisting the spirit.

And what has concerned you was the law in the scriptures which states that when a man enticeth a maid, to lie with her, she was his and he could never put her away.
Behold, this was only if she was betrothed to him, and she had received a sign and witness for him.
For if a man enticeth a maid without her receiving first a sign and a witness, he committeth a grievous sin.

And ye have also wondered concerning many of the happenings in the Old Testament when whole cities were destroyed because of their sins, and behold here is wisdom.
Sins against the flesh are one, and sins against the spirit are yet another; for the people of Ninevah committed many sins against the flesh, yet when I sent My prophet to warn them they repented in sackcloth and ashes, and I had compassion on them and destroyed them not.
Yet I sent My prophets to warn Sodom and Gomorrah, yea and they did mock them whom I sent and tortured them and sent them away naked, and for this reason I did destroy them from the face of the earth.
10 And because I did send My prophets to Jerusalem, and they heeded them not and listened to their own prophets, and persecuted those whom I sent, and slew them-- and I sent My Son, and they crucified Him-- and for this reason I did divorce Myself from them and dispersed them among the nations and purged them and refined them that perhaps they would heed Me, and they heard Me not.
11 For this reason I caused many to be slain.
12 For I say unto you, the greater sin is to sin against the Spirit and it is worthy of death, for their cup of iniquity is full and they repent not, no matter what calamities I bring against them.
13 For this reason I will destroy utterly those who have known Me and yet now deny My holy prophets, for they have chosen prophets of their own liking, which heap upon them praise and vainglory.
14 Nevertheless, I will spare those that repent.
15 Yet few will repent, for they are bound with great fetters, having faith in the arm of flesh which will fail and cause their utter destruction.

[Balance received May 28, 1984]
16 Yea, and some say that at the end, one-tenth or even one-tenth of these will be saved from My church.
17 Behold I say unto you, wherein have I said this? For I truly say unto thee that none shall be saved unless they repent, and if it be that one-tenth of one-tenth be saved, it shall be because of their repentance.
18 But I say unto you, that I spake unto My servant Joseph Smith, and gave unto him a prophecy concerning this people and this time, which is about to be fulfilled, yea every whit.
19 And ye shall find it in Section 133 of the Doctrine and Covenants, commencing at verse 66 until the end of the section.
Even so, Amen.
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