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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 109

Revelation received May 27, 1984
At Green River, Utah
While returning from Silt, Colorado

My son; ye shall take that which ye have to write with, and place upon paper that which I have to say to thee and to those who have stepped forward at this time.
Behold, ye shall go to Boise and take with thee My maidservant Abigail, and ye shall do what I shall command thee that righteousness begin to be brought forth in Israel.
For from this time forth, ye shall be called Israel, for to the School and the fountain of truth shall Israel be gathered, for My sheep know My voice and heed My commandments, and those who belong not unto Me are not of Me and shall be cast off.
Woe unto those who desire to become a law unto themselves, who heed not My chosen servants.
For those who come not through the strait way and narrow gate shall possibly prosper for a while, but will eventually fall.
For all must come through this gate, otherwise they shall be deceived and be overcome; and those who seek to come in by any other way shall be counted with the wicked; for there is only one path and one way unto Eternal Life, as I have before shown unto My servant Nephi, for all other ways lead unto the mists of darkness.
For ye shall live by every word that proceedeth forth out of My mouth, for such is the iron rod or My word, and all who find it and hang fast to it shall be led through these mists of cunning deceits and priestcrafts and be saved.
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