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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 11

Revelation received July 30, 1962
At Creston, British Columbia, Canada

Ye have not kept My commandments wherein I commanded you to show these things to none other than to those you had already shown them to, and because of this ye had lost your gift for a time.
For all things I command, I command for a purpose, and if men do not what I say they have no promise, and this I do to try men to see if they are worthy to receive the gifts that I will bestow upon them.
Ye have asked Me several times if the revelations ye have received from Me are true.
When My Spirit came upon you this night, you prayed immediately to Me and asked Me if the spirit was true; and you prayed in this manner:
"O Father in Heaven, even the Father of My Spirit, I beseech Thee in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, and ask Thee if this spirit which I have received is true; and if it is Thy Spirit, I ask Thee in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ that it may tarry with me, and if it be not of Thee, O God the Eternal Father, I command in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ that it depart far from me."
And in this manner ye have asked Me and ye know that the Spirit hath remained with thee, and it is contrary to the order of heaven to lie, therefore ye have tried the spirits and ye know from which source they came.
Therefore ye know of a surety that these things are true, and so shall ye know the truth of all things if ye will be faithful to keep all My commandments.
Fear not to keep My commandments. Fear not men, for they can afflict you in body, but fear rather that which can rob thee of thy spirit, for the adversary desireth it mightily and seeks to entangle thee in his snare to secure ye fast and bind you with the fetters of sin and claim you his own.
O beware, O beware of the power of the adversary, for a gaping, yawning pit awaiteth those that serve him, a pit of anguish and an awful looking forward to the judgments of God, and a perfect knowledge of one's guilt, wherein there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
10 And this I have shown to some but immediately closed the scene from their vision lest they be consumed with sorrow.
11 O that men may see the error of their ways and be converted and turn to Me their Savior with full purpose of heart, that they may dwell with Me in the presence of the Father forever.
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