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2nd Book of Commandments 110

Revelation received June 26, 1984
At Genola, Utah

And concerning the office of a bishop, behold I say unto you, I ask you a question: which is greater, the master or the servant?
Behold I say unto you, the Priesthood is the master and the servants are the offices therein.
Behold you have been given the Melchizedek Priesthood in the proper manner, and by My servant Nathan E. Tanner, and under his direction ye received it.
And ye have received many revelations from Me, your Savior, and have been prompted in many instances by the still small voice which is your right according to this order of Priesthood-- if ye strive to keep all of My commandments and do My will.
And I say unto you, if I command and say, "Ordain this man an elder and this man a high priest, or set this man apart as a bishop", what does it matter unto thee?
For I will set apart and ordain those whom I will, if their hearts are right before Me.
For the Priesthood ye received from the hands of Nathan E. Tanner was done in accordance with My law and it is valid before Me, and ye hold all the authority necessary to do all that I have commanded, and ye have received My word, or in other words My revelation, showing unto thee the knowledge of the setting up of My Zion, even the beginning.
For is not this knowledge the key or keys? For did not My servant Joseph Smith teach all Mine apostles many days concerning the building up and establishment of My Zion, and then said to them that he had taught them all that he was allowed, and that they had all the keys he had?
And "the keys" he referred to was all the knowledge he had of the building up of My kingdom.
10 And again I say unto you, a man may be ordained to the Priesthood, yet if he receive not the keys, he hath no power, and it is as if he hath never received it, for as faith without works is dead, so also is an ordination to the Priesthood that hath no keys, which keys are the knowledge of how that Priesthood is to be used.
11 And this knowledge can be obtained in but one way and that is by revelation from Me.

12 Behold I say unto you, that the office of a bishop is to administer in all earthly ordinations and the knowledge thereof, and also all that pertains to the upbuilding of Zion.
13 And behold I say unto you, if your desires are that ye be ordained to the office of a high priest prior to being made a bishop, so be it.
14 But it is better that ye do not this, for it is by the authority of the Priesthood that this is accomplished, not the office.
15 Yet in the church, I caused this to be done that there be order therein.
16 But I say unto you, ye are My High Priests, and if ye continue to do My will, will ye not become Kings, Queens, Priests and Priestesses in Zion? and all this because ye have the knowledge or the keys.

17 And I say unto you, that if a man ordain another by revelation, he shall teach that man all that he knoweth about that Priesthood or office, that he may use the Priesthood or office to the edification of all.
18 For what value is the Priesthood or office in the Priesthood without the knowledge of how to use it?
19 And for this reason ye do have the meetings that ye may teach one another, and all, to come to the knowledge of the truth, that ye increase your knowledge in righteousness.
20 And a man who has a wife or wives, he shall teach them these things also, that they may learn to be special wives unto him and become Queens and Priestesses, teaching their children and others in righteousness, upholding their husbands in all things.
Even so, Amen.
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