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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 111

Revelation received August 8, 1984
At Genola, Utah

And all those who read these revelations must surely make a decision whether they be from Me or from another source.
And if they reject them, they shall be subject to the spirit of the adversary and he shall have control over them.
And if they accept them and come unto Me, I will bless them with a multiplicity of blessings and lead them unto Eternal Lives.
And let My servants take heed and gather together their possessions and assets and all that is theirs and place it in the common fund, that ye begin to form the basis of the United Order.
And let the righteous debts of one become the debts of all, this according to the pattern already laid out to thee, that the debts to the world become the debts to the Order to be paid as fast as ye are able.
And if ye form a trust for this purpose, so let it be-- that the government have little claim upon these assets, for if ye all work towards this end, I will bless you and prosper you in all these matters.
And I say unto you that it is not correct that ye give into the hands of others the responsibility of copying out these revelations I give unto thee.
But see that ye obtain a typewriter of your own, or print out the revelations by hand and then copy them before giving them to others, for they truly are sacred and are not to be handled nor considered lightly-- for they truly are My word to the children of men.
Even so, Amen.
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