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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 112

Revelation received October 6, 1984
At Payson, Utah

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. Ye have asked Me who shall accompany My servant Scott on his mission to My lost sheep-- and I say unto you ye shall call My servant William to accompany him.
And tell him that the master of all lies has deceived him-- for that same spirit that entered into the Serpent also has control of this man named Fred.
For as the Serpent was extremely wise to deceive, so also is this man.
For this man and some others like him are the ones prophesied as those to come forth who would deceive even the elect if it were possible.
For they are extremely intelligent and capable of influencing the children of men.
For they teach much that is correct, yet they get people to follow those whom they wish.
Behold they are not of Me, for their intent is to bind the children of men to their will to get gain.
For their economic plans are not of Me, saith the LORD; and all their grand ideas shall come to naught.
And the two trailers ye shall move from Boise to Salem as I before have commanded.
10 And My maidservant Opal shall seek employment-- and others shall assist her until the return of her husband from his mission.
11 And nothing shall they do but cry repentance unto all those who have left My church because of their desire to keep My commandments.
12 And they shall go from place to place-- receiving a name here and a name there that all may be warned.
13 And they shall place in their hands the Second Book of Commandments and also the Organization of Zion and other things ye shall prepare.
14 And if they are received with gladness, they shall leave a blessing in that place; and if they are ridiculed and cast out, they shall wipe the dirt of their place of abode from their feet as a testimony against them at the last day.
15 And this they shall do-- leaving a blessing where they are welcomed, and a testimony against them where they are cast out.
16 And ye shall use the monies I had caused ye to set aside for the mission, and any other that can be donated for this purpose.
17 And ye shall use My servant Scott's trailer for this purpose if ye so desire, that ye shall not be a burden to anyone.
18 But if ye shall receive a gift, ye shall receive it with gladness and rejoicing.
19 And I call My servant Scott to be a member of My school, even the World School.
20 Nevertheless he is not a counselor, yet he shall be invited to all meetings of the School
21 And he shall be there not to comment, but to learn of My ways that he be not ignorant.
22 Behold, I am the Lord thy God, and Jehovah is My name, and I command the children of men to repent and heed My word, for I call thee for the last time.
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