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2nd Book of Commandments 113

Revelation received October 25, 1984
At Payson, Utah

And unto My servant David2, be not discouraged concerning thy family, for these trials are set before us to teach us wisdom.
Nevertheless, I will release thee from the responsibility as President to My school until ye are able to settle the problems within thy family.
And until a time shall be designated later ye shall be a counselor to My servant David, whom I now call as President to the School of the Prophets in the Salem area.
And all shall support My servant David in his weaknesses.
And again ye have done incorrectly concerning the handling of monies, for all tithings and common funds must first be given to the Bishop in Zion, and not first to the head of the Bank.
And he shall record all receipts accurately and then he shall hand them to the Banker that they may be safely kept, and the Banker also must keep accurate records and be in unison.
And again unto My maidservants. Behold I say unto you that My scriptures were incorrectly translated in the which it says that the Bishop is to have one wife, for I say unto you it is required of the Bishop's wives to be one.
For they must be in subjection to their husbands in all matters, and be in unison one with another.
And those who are not must be dealt with according to the laws that have already been given, that there be order in My kingdom.
Even so, Amen.
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