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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 114

Revelation received November 27, 1984
At Payson, Utah

My son, I your Savior doth speak unto you and give utterance unto thee that ye may learn wisdom, for the sorrow you do experience, yea, even to the consuming of thy body, is necessary for thy cleansing, for without it how can ye be saved in My kingdom, even the Celestial realms?
For the suffering ye suffer is not for your sins, but for the sins of others, for ye must experience these things that ye may understand somewhat how I your Savior suffered for the sins of the world.
For I suffered for your sins as well as others, and as you have repented, so have I forgiven you.
Know ye then the sufferings I endured when My beloved apostles denied Me?
Know ye then also how I suffered when that woman whom I truly loved turned to another and committed adultery against Me, and they brought her before Me for judgment?
Behold I say unto you, where much is received, much is required, for if ye desire love, then ye must also have compassion, and know that when ye give all your love to someone there is greater capacity of hurt and sorrow.
For few know the meaning of love, thinking that physical pleasure is contained in its entirety.
But I say unto you, true love cometh from the heart and hath no condition attached to it.
And if one desires to attain to this love, he must be willing to experience the having of this love rejected by others which bringeth the greatest of sorrow and heartbreak.
10 For in such a manner I loved the world and the world received Me not, and thus I suffered that I bled at every pore.
11 Such was the great suffering that I endured that no man could endure and live.
12 Thus ye must experience this to a degree that ye may become a god, for there is no other way.
13 For one must love unconditionally without thought of reward or praise, nor can ye threaten or coerce even one soul, nor make them do anything against their will to enter Zion.
14 For they must desire it with all their heart and be willing to endure all manner of persecution and hatred, otherwise they have no promise.
15 And I call My servant Richard2 to be a member of My School in Salem, also I call Robert4 to My school, with a promise that if he is faithful over a few things, he will be made ruler over many.
16 Be not proud in your heart, thinking that ye know more than others, for it is I that giveth thee true knowledge; therefore, shall ye not then praise your God, who giveth ye all good things?
17 And concerning My servant William, behold ye loved him as a son; nevertheless, ye shall release him from the school as he has requested, that he may be turned over to the buffetings of the adversary, that perhaps he may repent.
Even so, Amen.
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