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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 115

Revelation received December 5 or 6, 1984
In a Motel Room at Cardston, Alberta, Canada
[Verses 1-6 included in 2010]

Behold My son, be encouraged, for I have not left thee, for My Spirit hath been with thee in all thy doings, and these difficult situations are but part of that which ye must suffer in order to obtain wisdom--for in no other way can I teach thee, for thou art dull and slow to learn.
Nevertheless, I say unto you, thy wife Mildred seeketh to bend you to her will by claiming she hath received direction from Me, for she knows that ye will do nothing but what I command.
Yet I say unto you, a woman must seek advice from her head, who is her father or husband, and if she seeketh to Me except her father or husband be out of order, or they have given her permission, I will not hear her petition--for she is then out of order.
And I say unto you, ye are neither out of order nor hath given her permission; therefore, she hath listened to the sweet flattery of the adversary.
For with this same flattery he did come to My maidservant Eve, for the sin she committed was not the partaking of the fruit, but that she disobeyed her husband, and sought after another for her salvation--and in no other way could she have been misled but by her rebelliousness and disobedience.

For when thy wife has heeded thee, My Spirit hath been with her; and when she hath rebelled, My Spirit hath left her, and she hath been overcome by the adversary. This ye are surely witness to.
Ye have wondered concerning the new name ye receive in My Temple.
If it be by revelation, and witnessed by Mine angels, only I the LORD shall know it, and none other, and I shall meet thee and take thee to My bosom, even into the Assembly and Church of the Firstborn.
And when a woman receiveth a new name, and she reveal it to her husband at the veil, he and she shall know it and none other; and only her husband can bring her through, for each are known in turn and no stranger shall take her through.
10 For if she reveal it to another, she hath broken her vow and covenant that she reveal it not to another, and except at a certain place.
11 For the man shall be taken first through the veil by Me and the woman by the man, that all may be in order in My house.
12 Concerning My servant William, ye shall offer to liquidate his debt to you in full by surrendering his shares, and this he shall do by notary public and disclaimer.
13 For I say unto you, one share shall be redeemable for $1,000 or 10 ounces of gold.
14 And a man shall labor for $1 per hour that for every 100 hours work he shall receive an ounce of gold.
15 And wheat shall be purchased for 50 cents per bushel or 200 bushels for an ounce of gold.
16 For this yet shall come to pass-- according to My servant John Koyle.
Even so, Amen.
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