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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 116

Revelation received December 21, 1984
At Payson, Utah

Thus saith the LORD. If ye pray to the Temple, ye shall pray that it will be cleansed of all wickedness that My Spirit may again dwell therein.
For wherein it was a place of holiness, behold they have made it a den of thieves, for have they not robbed My people of the truth and hid it where it cannot be found?
Also, let your goings and comings be in the name of the LORD.
And when ye go out into Babylon, ye shall remove My holy garment and pray that the adversary not know of thy whereabouts; for he can spot thy garment among a multitude and hedge up thy way.
And if ye do this not because of the covenant, ye shall pray that ye be not seen and that the adversary's eye be blinded.
And ye shall pray oft, that ye fall not into temptation.
And as ye have asked further as to thy garment, as to what material it shall be made of; and thus ye shall make it of one material, and not mix the fibers.
For will not Zion be one in Me, and I in it?
Yet the type of material ye use is only significant as to thy health.
10 And as to the garment being removed as ye go into Babylon; it was for this reason that My servant Joseph Smith and the brethren received instructions from Me to remove their garments when they went among the mobs.
11 Nevertheless, this ye shall do only if ye go into a place of wickedness, for if ye go among the brethren, ye shall not remove it.

12 And ye have asked concerning the head wife in a family.
13 Behold I say unto you, she shall show great kindness to her sister wife or wives even though they be alienated or rebellious and cannot live among those who are not, that perhaps they repent and return unto Me.
Even so, Amen.
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