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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 118

Revelation received March 9, 1985
At Phoenix, Arizona

Thus saith the LORD, I have heard thy crys and lamentations, and I the LORD do speak unto thee concerning thy doings and comings and goings.
And now My son, ye have asked Me concerning Abraham, and the blessing I did give unto him wherein I blessed him with this blessing that whosoever blessed him I blessed, and whosoever did curse him I cursed.
And I did give unto him this blessing because of his faithfulness and obedience in keeping all of My commandments, and his unwavering determination to serve Me at all costs even to the sacrifice of his son.
And ye have this record, for did the Kings of the earth not bring unto him wealth knowing that they would be blessed an hundredfold in so doing?
And did not those that cursed him, did I not curse them; and if they repented not did I not bring unto them swift destruction?
And thus I did bless and curse according to the promise.
And now I say unto My school, even some of the members of My World School; behold, I am not well pleased with those whom I have called, for they seek their own, and they have not understood wherein I did give unto My Servant a blessing, yea even the same blessing that I did give unto My servant Abraham.
For did I not previously state that those that bless him shall be blessed and those that curse him shall be cursed?
And have ye blessed him? Behold I say unto you, nay. And ye have wondered why ye have not been blessed, for herein lies the key wherein ye could have prospered.
10 For had My servant Robert2 said, I will make this property beautiful and build upon My servant, for I know that the LORD will bless me. And if he had done this I would have blessed him with a multiplicity of blessings.
11 Yet his wife heeded My word, not for My sake, but for her own, and yet I did bless her and will continue to do so unless she taketh that which she hath done, and then I will remove that blessing from her.
12 And unto My servant Lee, he procrastinates the day of his salvation, for I have called him again, yet he heedeth not My calling and has been overcome by the cares of the world.
13 Yet I have upheld him in spite of this, because he contributed much time to the writing that I also commanded him to do.
14 Therefore, I do call him to speedily repent and go to those places I have designated and leave his wives in My care, for they care not for Me nor My work, but for their own-- for if they loved Me they would love one another. Thus they do not, and it burdeneth thee down.
15 And unto My School in Salem, ye sit and watch to pounce upon My servant's faults; yet show Me your works.
16 For if ye would have heeded all My commandments, ye would have blessed My Servant also and supported him and his family and held not back both spiritually and financially.
17 For ye were called to the work to support My servant, but ye have found fault with his every effort.
18 Yet I have supported him and opened up the way that he was able to support himself and family and for this reason ye have not been blessed.
19 Can this not be likened unto the parable of the man who said, "Go thy way and be, comforted," and yet he giveth him nothing wherewithal to be comforted with.
20 Behold do ye not strain at a gnat and swallow a camel?
21 For ye understand not the key wherein I likened My Servant unto Jethro who received a calling like unto Abraham and ye understood not.
22 And if ye continue not to support him in this, I will take him from among you, and will ye not then be dispersed and lost?
23 Yet they will still not understand and continue to disregard My word, and if they continue on in this path, I will take others of his seed and raise up unto Me a generation that will yet heed Me and My word-- for have not I said that I am able to raise up of these stones seed unto My servant Abraham?
24 For did not My servant Abraham have followers who knew that if they blessed him, they themselves would be blessed?
25 And did not the Kings and Princes of the earth at that time honor him with gifts and wealth, knowing that they would be blessed an hundredfold for so doing?
26 For I did truly bless him in all things, for he no longer sought his own, but My will, and with all that he was given he did wisely bless others.
27 And have not I given unto My Servant of this day the same blessing, for has he sought new vehicles and spacious homes?
28 Behold I say unto you nay, for he has humbled himself below all and become a servant of all; and all that he has is Mine, saith the LORD; and all who seek his life shall be destroyed and be trodden down in their own vomit.
29 And those who seek to discredit him and say, "He hath nothing-- but we shall have the finest,"-- yet I will take that which they have and give it unto another.
30 Behold, what do you see-- a man crying in the wilderness of sin.

31 And unto those who are now doing My will, I say unto them be of good cheer, for I will multiply thy blessings upon thy head that ye will not be able to receive them.
32 Yet unto My servants' wives-- I say unto them, that if they continue to complain and quarrel with each other, they shall be released by a bill of divorcement that they perhaps find joy in another.
33 For I will yet raise up a multitude in their place that will do My bidding.

34 And unto My maidservant Vicki, she hath done all manner of wickedness. Yet I will forgive her if she truly repents and comes unto Me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit-- and goes unto My Servant and becomes unto him an helpmeet, yet she will not now raise up children unto him, for I have taken that blessing from her.
Even so, Amen.
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