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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 119

Revelation received April 6, 1985
At Phoenix, Arizona

Behold My son; when My servant Lehi left Jerusalem and went into the wilderness with his families, all had to be in agreement or I the LORD hindered their progress to the promised land.
For when My unfaithful servants Laman and Lemuel began to murmur against their father, behold their progress to the promised land came to a halt, for whether it was these men, their wives, or the wives of Lehi or any of the others, or even Zoram or his family did murmur against Me, I did cause their progress to come to a halt.
And because each depended upon each other, when one was disobedient and complained, all suffered and bore the burden of the sin.
And thus I did cause them to wander many days in the wilderness that perhaps they would learn to come into unison.
And even after I had done all this, there was yet divisions and dissensions among them that when they reached the promised land they did quarrel, divide and war against each other.
And in the same manner I have brought thee together to wander in the wilderness of sin, that perhaps ye will learn to live in peace one with another.
And when one of your number murmur against Me, the others suffer and your progression to the establishment of Zion is stopped.
And behold I will not establish Zion until ye are in unison and of one mind to the building up of My kingdom upon the earth, for if ye are not, will ye not be like unto the Nephites of old, and quarrel among yourselves and Zion be destroyed?
For I say unto you, I will yet have a united and tried and true people who will heed and live My commandments; otherwise, there shall be none left at My coming.
10 For whether it be a wife or one other, it mattereth not who complain, My Spirit departeth and thy progression is halted.
11 And as My servant Lehi was constrained to cast any out when they rebelled, for if he would have done so they would shortly have perished being by themselves in the wilderness, so also ye shall cast no one out from among you (howbeit they can leave of their own free will) for in so doing they also will be destroyed in Babylon, or even the wilderness of sin and corruption.
12 Therefore ye shall wander in the wilderness of sin until ye are in unison, one with another, and are able to abide the promised land, even Zion.
Even so, Amen.
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