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2nd Book of Commandments 120

Revelation received April 29, 1985
At Phoenix, Arizona

My son, take the pen that ye have and write that which I shall say unto thee by the still small voice.
Ye have traveled all these miles at My request and ye reside among the evils of this day.
But I say unto you, all that ye see about you is Mine, saith the LORD; and all wickedness shall cease, for either all things brought forth shall abide My law, or be destroyed.
And I have called but none have heard, for as I called My servant Joseph Smith, I have called and set aside My servant John Koyle, and as I have called and set aside My servant John Koyle, also have I called and set aside thee.
Yet some say, "Ye need to be ordained to a higher Priesthood before ye begin to organize Zion."
Behold I say unto thee, what higher authority do ye require than to be called by My voice?
Nevertheless, ye were ordained to My Holy Priesthood by one having authority to do so.
And as ye accepted the responsibility of this calling, I gave unto you the blessings of having the companionship of My Spirit which has brought thee to this point.
And I have given unto you commandments which ye have kept.
10 Behold, where are those that stood beside thee for awhile-- are they now with thee? Behold I say unto thee, nay! For they have fled and have said, "We cannot do this thing!" For they seek to gain much from little effort.
11 And in their thoughts they have spoken against thee, saying, "hath he not led us into this impossible matter?"
12 Therefore I say unto thee, be encouraged, for I am still with thee and will not forsake thee, and My faithful servant Heber, and if ye art faithful, ye shall yet overcome.
13 And unto My maidservants, I say unto them, harbor no negative thoughts, nor find fault unjustly one with another, for the thought's power to destroy is even greater than physical action, and is the cause of much ill health among you.
14 For ye know it not, but ye have been given all things to establish Zion among you.
15 For all I have given unto the children of men for their comfort, for their enjoyment, if used in conjunction with My will, will it not establish Zion? Behold I say unto thee, Yea!
16 But ye must first learn to abide My laws, even if it be by that which ye suffer, before these things shall be added unto thee.
17 For a child will take a delicate instrument and quickly destroy it, being innocent of its workings.
18 Will ye not then take knowledge I giveth to thee and make it soon into foolishness, because ye are yet children and bicker and find fault with one another-- and the commandments I give unto thee through My Servant ye have ignored?
19 Until ye overcome these things Zion cannot be established. Yet I force no man to do My will except by withholding blessings unto him.
20 For they desire faith and blessings without works, being greedy. Behold I say unto you, how can they obtain an Eternal Life in this manner?
21 And I say unto you, ye shall release as a counselor in My School in Salem, My servant Timothy, and ye shall also release him from the bishopric, for thus he so desires.
22 And ye shall call in his place as Bishop, My servant David, and he shall choose counselors from the residue who are still faithful in the Salem area.
23 And concerning the setting up of the United Order among you, ye shall shortly do this.
24 And ye shall set up businesses as ye shall be guided by My Spirit so that ye shall prosper and have an economic base, endeavoring to become debt free as soon as ye are able, so that the adversary have no power over thee to destroy thee when the economic troubles come upon this nation.
Even so, Amen.
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