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2nd Book of Commandments 121

Revelation received June 17, 1985
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye shall give unto My maidservant Francis $1500 for the work she has done on the house; and the balance of the monies from the house (except for $1000 ye shall leave here), shall ye transfer to the United States to establish the United Order in the Salem area.
For this is My will that ye begin to set up this Order and obtain equipment to accomplish this work among those who are still faithful.
Yet it is My will that ye purchase from these monies $750 worth of silver and the residue shall be used to set up the stewardships, and the balance to be used for a downpayment on a house.
For I will open up the hearts of the people and make it possible that ye will be able to purchase properties there if ye are faithful in keeping My commandments as I have indicated.
And unto My maidservants, I say unto them that because they heed not willingly their head, and seek their own continually, and belittle and degrade My servants, ere long the time shall come that they shall be replaced and the blessings that could have been theirs will be given to others.
So was it the same with Mine ancient prophets, for few found women uncontaminated, and they followed after the traditions of their fathers and of the world, and thus they were unable to lead them by the hand to the Celestial spheres.
For they saw only the immediate rewards and pleasures and if these desires are not forthcoming, they desert My servants and seek to those who can provide them with these things.
And thus Mine ancient prophets were made to be alone and some had to flee that their lives be preserved.
Thus My soul weeps for the daughters of Zion who sell themselves for naught; and it is oftentimes better for My servants to flee from these women rather than have them continually lead them to do evil and bring upon My servants much condemnation and sorrow.
10 Nevertheless, ye shall continually work with them, that perhaps one of them truly repent and serve me without complaint.
11 And unto My servant Robert2, I say unto him that what he has formed is not of Me, nor is it any semblance of the United Order.
12 Therefore, he worketh unto his own and shall be rewarded accordingly.
13 And he shall remain as Bishop until I shall designate otherwise.
14 And ye shall have a meeting of the World School of the Prophets, that ye may unitedly call upon Me, saith the LORD, that My Spirit may enlighten thy minds as to the upbuilding of My kingdom, for it is about to shine forth.
Even so, Amen.
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