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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 122

Instructions given to the Prophet
On June 29, 1985

On my return from Canada on June 29, 1985, I was driving my car, bearing southward between Butte, Montana and Idaho Falls, Idaho.
It was about 2 A.M. in the morning when the Spirit of the LORD came upon me and showed to my mind in the matter of a few seconds, and in a clear and concise manner, how we are to construct our homes in Zion.
Each home is to be constructed on anywhere between one-half and one acre plots, but except in special circumstances not to exceed one acre.
They are to be constructed of adobe brick or rammed earth with walls at least one foot thick, but preferably one and an half to two feet thick.
These houses are to be constructed with the greatest of skill, using all the knowledge available in their construction.
The basement shall have no living quarters in it, and if constructed with a house, it will be used for garage space, work shop, cool room, vegetable storage, household dairy room, or what ever other functional purpose space is required for individual families.
The main floor only will be for living quarters. This section will be built basically in the form of a "U". The kitchen, dining and living (family) rooms will be from left to right in that order on the front.
The size of these rooms will be dictated by the needs of the family, but it should be taken into consideration that once built, add-ons to these rooms would be extremely difficult, therefore they should be adequate enough to accommodate any increases in the family that may occur through the years.
The bedrooms for the father and mother or mothers shall extend from the right hand side to the rear forming the right side of the "U", and these rooms can be added on as needed, with the building constructed in such a manner so that these add-ons can be made without too much expense and without weakening the overall structural stability.
10 On the left, the same thing can be done for the children's bedrooms, forming the left arm of the "U".
11 In this section also will be accommodations for one of the wives to sleep in this section so that the children are supervised at all times.
12 These two sections shall not be built together, but be separated by a courtyard no less than 20 feet, but preferably 30 feet wide or wider.
13 No low window shall be placed facing the courtyard; the windows there shall be high up on the wall.
14 The upstairs, when it is built, shall be built across the front part only, and shall be accessible from the dining room area near the kitchen.
15 As with the basement, no living accommodations shall be in the upper story.
16 This area shall be used for a recreation room, sewing room, library, den, music room and chapel or whatever meets the needs and wants of the family.
17 As can easily be seen, the building should be constructed so that it can be built a part at a time as the family increases and the needs arise.
18 The property must be completely and adequately fenced, and the homes must face a southerly direction.
19 Outbuildings must be adequately constructed to accommodate only those animals that are absolutely necessary for the immediate use of the family: i.e. a goat or two, chickens, rabbits, etc.
20 These outbuildings shall be placed at the back of the lot away from wells and gardens.
21 The house or grounds shall not be used for manufacturing nor business use or purposes, and can not be used for the storage or accommodation of equipment or cattle.
22 The grounds must be kept clean and the buildings are to be painted as pure a white as possible.
23 Children are not to go in at any time to the sleeping quarters of the mother and father.
24 The foundation of the building can be made of concrete or stone or any extremely long-lasting material, and be adequate enough to withstand the weight and stress of the structure even in times of earthquake.
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