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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 124

Revelation received in October 1985
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, I your Lord admonish thee to be not discouraged, for thy finances shall shortly change.
Nevertheless, it is because of those who are part of My school, who do hinder thee in thy efforts to accomplish My work, for they do not support thee in thine efforts, nor do they understand the seriousness of this work, for some treat it as a light thing.
For some even place themselves in poverty because of their pride and stubbornness to accept My counsel to work among Babylon and glean from her by hard work and effort, sufficient monies to accomplish the setting up of the United Order.
Yea, and instead of doing My will, each one criticizes the other not accepting each others weaknesses.
Yea, and because of their rebellion each one is taken over by the spirit of idleness, wherein they desire to "seek the spirit".
Behold I say unto you, it is not My Spirit they obtain, but a spirit that leads them to go a different path.
For I say unto them all, that if they labor as I have commanded, they will indeed receive My Spirit, and it shall be with them in their work and in their sweat; and if they labor many hours a day as My Servant did for many years by himself, I will speak to them and sup with them and they shall truly hear My voice.
Yet if they complain and say, "I work too hard, and have no time to seek the spirit", behold I say unto you, they are not worthy of the Spirit, for I shall not sup with any such man or woman.
And some obtain employment and seek not to do their best and be an example as My Servant; and seek to do as little as possible.
10 Behold I say unto you, I cannot bless them-- neither will I-- for I am ashamed of them and would hide My face from them.
11 For have I not said in My former revelations that ye are to be circumspect in all thy dealings that none can find fault?
12 And again, some desire to be the head, without the necessary work; behold I say unto you, are they any better than those in My church who desire salvation without works?
13 For I would take thee from their midst and make of thee a righteous generation even as I promised My servant Moses, yet he chose to work with the people, sacrificing all for a greater reward.
14 For I say unto you that if ye abandon these, will they not divide and separate and be scattered?
15 Yea, and some have bound themselves again with the fetters of Babylon, joining themselves in business transactions with unbelievers instead of the believers; and because they have done this they are of none effect and have made themselves as a sieve, holding nothing.
16 For there are none that doeth good among them; nevertheless My servants Lee, Heber, Richard and Scott have sacrificed much, yet they have yet to sacrifice all, for they still set conditions to their efforts.
17 And I say unto My servant David that he feareth men; nevertheless, his faith and love doth support him.
18 And I say unto him it is within his power to help the work exceedingly, yet he hesitates because of his dependencies.
19 And unto My servant Stephen, he shall for the present time do all in his power to support My Servant in his effort to save the farm, even to the moving into it and protecting it until it be sold or rented, which ever the case may be-- for it is Mine saith the Lord, and its neglect shall be counted upon the heads of My School in Canada, for they have done little to preserve it and have caused My Servant to expend all his assets to prevent it from being taken over by the evil one.
20 For they say, "Why should we take care of it seeing that it is in the name of My servant, then is it not his, then why should we then do anything to preserve it?"
21 Behold I say unto you, have I not before said unto you that all that My Servant has is Mine, and whoso blesses him shall be blessed, and whoso curses him shall be cursed?
22 And ye yourselves are witness to the fulfillment of this, yet ye ignore these things, saying that it is just by fate these things have happened to us.
23 Behold I will yet strip thee bare-- then will ye yet listen?
24 For I will repay all according to their works, showering blessings upon the righteous and curses upon those who disregard My servants, who from time to time I have sent to guide My people.
25 And unto My maidservants, I say unto you there are none that doeth right, for all seek to override their file leaders and dictate terms to them, and if they repent not they shall be spewed out of My mouth; and I shall raise up others to take their place.
26 Nevertheless, I cause them to still stand for the moment because of the prayers of the faithful and those who love them.
27 Yea, and woe unto them that say that they love their husbands and love them not, for their deceits are worse than lies; for their children do grow up with the same deceits, yea which continues from generation to generation. For are they not like unto the members of My church who say they love Me, yet cast aside the prophets I do send; and thus this fraud is also perpetuated from generation to generation.
28 They are hypocrites all, the woman following their husbands in deceitfulness, for they heed not their word nor take their advice, and the children perpetuate the action from generation to generation.
29 For the women are liars, for if they loved their husbands they would keep their righteous requests.
30 And if the men loved Me they would keep My righteous requests without murmuring as I also do the will of My Father.
31 Behold there is not one that doeth these things in My school. Yet some do try, but their habits and traditions do hamper their efforts, and they repent not of these things that My Spirit may enter in.
32 Yet those who continue to honestly and freely admit their wrongs, yet will I continue to work with them, that perhaps they will eventually repent and begin to bear fruit.
33 For this is true repentance, to first recognize the error, and then to rectify it by its eradication.
34 And behold ye have again asked Me concerning the Negro nation. Behold they can receive their salvation by being obedient to their masters.
35 For I commanded Adam that he should be ruler over all the Beasts of the Field, and if they heed not this commandment they shall not secure the salvation that I have prepared for them, and shall be counted among the wicked, being destroyed with them.
36 For if they seek to build up their masters goods, they shall be counted among his possessions, and be exalted with him in the Celestial spheres.
37 For there is no other way for them to enter therein.
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