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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 126

Revelation received December 2, 1985
At Santaquin, Utah

Thus saith the Lord unto My Servant. Heed not the words of those about you who say that possibly an error has been made in dictating My will-- for had ye made an error would not I have brought this to your attention, and given you instruction concerning the matter?
But I did not this because there was no error made. This they do because they heed not the Spirit. For I say unto you, that there is but one type of marriage that is recognized in the Celestial realms, and that is that which is sanctioned by the Holy Spirit of Promise, and there is none other acceptable unto Me.
For whether they be married for time or for eternity, it mattereth not, for if a man commit adultery that woman or women shall be taken from him and given unto another for the children's sake.
For did not I say to My servant Joseph Smith that they should be turned over to the buffetings of the adversary and destroyed in the flesh?
Howbeit, have I not also said in a previous revelation that that woman be given unto another, yet be not married to him, for if she married him, would she not then commit adultery?
For I say unto you, if a man commit adultery or any other grievous sin and yet be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, yet he commit not murder nor deny not the Holy Ghost, he is like unto a man who is dead, and his wife or wives shall be given unto another, if they will have it, that their children grow not up in wickedness.
Behold, I your Lord say unto you that ye must place all My word upon one subject together that ye obtain the law therefrom.
For I give it in this manner, that those that fall and reject thee or any of the prophets and My word through thee, have not all the truth, least they set up a counterfeit.
For unless ye have continual revelation ye are not Mine, and for this reason I give here a little and there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept-- for if I gave unto you all that was to be known on a subject at one time, there would be no need of faith upon the matter.
10 For ye must live by faith until ye are worthy to receive all knowledge.
11 Therefore, ye must place together all that ye have received on one subject and in this manner ye shall gain a clearer understanding of the matter that ye not falter when the adversary comes upon you to destroy thy faith.
12 For if he destroys thy faith, there remaineth no hope, and if there be no hope, there be no rudder to steer thy actions and then shall ye flounder and fail and ye then become his.
13 For I give unto thee these experiences that ye may learn all things, and be able to thwart all the wily darts of the adversary.
14 Thus I give unto thee poverty that ye learn to be frugal and learn to use that which is given unto thee in the right manner and with wisdom.
15 For as ye are now experiencing poverty and are being sustained, partly by the grains from Canada, so also shall those who hear My voice or My people be sustained when the calamities come upon the nations.
Even so, Amen.
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