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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 128

Revelation received March 1, 1986
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold My son, ye shall call to the School Edward to be a standing member, that he may learn and become familiar with My ways and be a power for good upon My footstool.
Let his mind be opened to the truth, and let him truly repent of all his sins, and witness before the School that he has truly forsaken them.
Let My servant Scott become a counselor to My servant David as well as My servants Timothy and Richard2, that the School become greater organized in this part of My vineyard.
And I your LORD say unto you at this time that ye My servants have much to accomplish, for all that I have formerly commanded you still stands.
For it is still My will that Robert2 purchase the farm. For this commandment I gave to him and he had thought it did not now apply, but I say unto you that I give no commandment to man that I cannot provide a way for him to accomplish it.
And I placed into his hand many things by which this could have been accomplished, but he heeded not My word and has not prospered in building up My kingdom.
Nevertheless, if he desire now not to purchase it, I will relieve him of this responsibility.
And it is still My will that ye prepare the small house in Cardston as an endowment house; and again ye have done little to accomplish it.
And to My servants in Salem and the surrounding area, ye are also under condemnation; nevertheless, ye have accomplished some of the things I have commanded and are working on others, but the burden has fallen upon a few and others have done little.
10 Behold it is expedient that ye complete the sending forth of the pamphlets until they are completed and ye are to continue to prepare the endowment house.
11 And I say unto you that ye are not to sell or dispose of your property in Phoenix, for it is My will that ye keep the property for a wise purpose in Me.
12 And unto My servant Richard, it is My will that he stay for the present in the Salem area, that he may continually edit and prepare material for the School.
13 For there is much to be written and expounded that all may be warned and made aware of the imminent calamities that will shortly be upon them.
14 For if he persists I will bless him in employment in this area, that he may provide for himself and his family.
15 For I inspired him that he pursue this occupation and educate himself in this manner that he may be a blessing to this work, for it is not meet that he pursue this profession for the present to make a living, but use it to prepare lectures and lessons that the world know of My doings.
16 Nevertheless, he may choose as he pleases, for a man must pursue that which his heart desireth.
17 And unto My servant David, he hath not heeded My former instructions through My servant, for this was My will to him, but he has heeded the advice of others, therefore I will reward him accordingly and he shall not receive the blessings he has asked for.
18 For spiritual gifts are obtained by heeding diligently former commandments without complaint, but with a willing and receptive heart, for this is meekness and lowliness of heart that bringeth salvation.
19 For the more one keeps the commandments I give unto them, I your LORD will pour out My blessings, either spiritually or temporally according to My will upon them.
20 And ye have wondered again why ye are unable to obtain property here in the Salem area, and behold, ye must listen carefully, for ye have been influenced by those around you which have discouraged thee and has caused thee to despair.
21 Behold, is it not more wise to listen to the words of your Savior than to those about you that would cause thee to err?
22 Behold I say unto you: gain a small possession in this area and dedicate it and consecrate it unto Me, and put it to proper use that it may be an example to others that they behold My Glory in thy works.
Even so, Amen.
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