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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 129

Revelation received April 26, 1986
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold My son, ye have come before Me in humility at this time requesting further light and knowledge.
Behold I your Savior do speak unto you that ye may learn wisdom. For the proper use of knowledge is a most precious gift that if a man gains he is indeed rich.
For the law bringeth wisdom-- for the living thereof bringeth one to the Spirit.
Behold, I say unto you that all have gone astray both in My church and out of My church; and they must needs return to the precepts of My Law, even My Pure Law, that they may gain My Spirit.
For some seek My Spirit not having works. Though their desire is great they will fail, for their works either are lacking, or being at fault, will not qualify them for the reception of My Spirit; and they will be led astray by false spirits.
For if they desire My Spirit, it will call them to repentance which they reject thinking they have no need of it, and thus they reject My Spirit and are thus led by false spirits which they accept. For the false Spirits give unto them peace of mind, blinding them to the faults that prevent them from receiving My Spirit.
And thus they are led to exclaim, "Yea, all is well in Zion, yea all is well", and are led carefully and deceitfully down to hell, rejoicing as they go.
To such the law is to be taught and for such it was designed. For My people are a stiffnecked and deceitful people, desiring the exaltation of the righteous without the works.
Their cup will be a bitter cup, unless they repent and return to the law.
10 And what is the Law? Behold it was that Law that I gave unto Moses on the Mount, even the Ten Commandments.
11 Do ye keep these commandments? I say unto you, ye keep them not! For ye break them all.
12 For do ye worship Me above all Gods? Behold, I say unto you, nay; but ye worship ye know not what.
13 And have I not said if ye worship Me, keep My commandments?
14 Do ye steal? Behold I say unto you, ye look for every opportunity to exact from thy neighbor.
15 Do you charge interest for the loaning of your money? Behold I say unto you, this is theft.
16 Behold, do you accept tithe from the widow and orphan? Behold I say unto you, ye do this. I say unto you, is this not theft?
17 Behold I say unto you, ye charge exorbitant prices for your vehicles that are worn out, and sell them to the poor who cannot afford them. Is this not theft?
18 Ye do all these things and attend thy Church duties that thy brethren think thee righteous.
19 Oh what hypocrites, not even hell shall desire thy deceitfulness.
20 Do ye love your neighbor as thyself? Ye do not, for your minds exact the uttermost farthing in thy dealings, having no charity.
21 For your interests are not on the welfare of thy brethren, but on the profit that can be exacted from them.
22 Behold, ye keep the Word of Wisdom concerning health, even the abstinence from tea and coffee, but ye pollute your bodies with other fares of Babylon that destroys thy health and thy posterity.
23 For ye see your children born polluted and blame the pollution upon your God.
24 Behold if ye would keep My Law your children would not be polluted, but be a choice generation unto Me.
25 Behold, do ye teach your children the law of obedience to their God? Behold, ye do not this, leaving this responsibility in the hands of others.
26 Behold do ye honor your parents? Behold I say unto you, nay. For ye put them away from thee that ye cannot hear their word.
27 Nevertheless, the children are like unto the parents, having no love, but are full of greed and lust, and of thy lyings and strivings and covetousness there is no end, even unto the denying of My Spirit and of My servants whom I have sent.
28 Behold My commandments are laid before you; ye have no excuse.
29 Ye say, "We are led by the spirit". Behold the spirit ye receive is not of Me.
30 Such must return to My law with meekness of heart, becoming like unto little children willing to learn, not of men, but of Me your Savior.
31 For ye must become servants, yea even unto the least, that ye may be purged of all pride and arrogance, and in this manner ye will become strong, yea ye will receive My Spirit, that will lead you unto Eternal realms.
32 For if a man obey Me not ye will know from which source he proceedeth. For a man must needs be where his heart lieth, whether it be unto his God, or unto another according to his desire.
33 Behold, I am with thee even unto the end, even unto My faithful who heareth My words and do the same, even your LORD, the Advocate with the Father.
Even so, Amen.
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