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2nd Book of Commandments 130

Revelation received June 8, 1986
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, there are many things that ye desire to know and understand, and behold I reveal some of these things to thee at this time.
Behold, I say unto you, fear not men nor the advice of women which can lead thee unto forbidden paths, for their paths are of the world, and they seek their own ways and pleasures.
Behold, I your LORD say unto thee that ye are in this time of probation but a short time and the things ye are caused to suffer for My Name's sake, or in other words for the Savior's sake, are but for a moment of eternity.
For if ye endure these things without complaint thy rewards shall be great.
But if ye complain, the spirit of rebellion shall enter therein and ye shall be taken over by the adversary that ye fight against Me and My servants.
Nevertheless, I will yet bless thee materially, if ye are patient, and give unto you the means whereby ye can accomplish the things I have commanded thee, even to the upbuilding of My Zion upon the earth; for I say unto you that it shall surely be accomplished even in spite of the wicked.
Behold I say unto you, at the head of My organization, even the United Order after the Holy order of God, shall be a Presiding Bishop and two counselors if he be not of the seed of Levi through the loins of Aaron.
And he shall have jurisdiction over all the local bishops, who are over the individual United order Societies throughout Zion.
And he and his counselors shall be under the jurisdiction of the School, or they are not Mine, saith the LORD.
10 And I appoint My Servant as the Presiding Bishop and as his counselors I appoint first My servant Lee and second My servant Robert2.
11 For behold I say unto you, a man can receive and obtain both the Priesthood of Melchizedek and the Priesthood of Aaron and function in both; nevertheless, the Melchizedek is over the Aaronic, it being an appendage.
12 But if a man hath an office in both Priesthoods, he must function in them separately not confusing one with the other, for the Aaronic is over the temporal matters and the Melchizedek over the spiritual.
13 And concerning My servant Lee, behold it is expedient and ye are to understand that ye are to do all in your power to help My servant Lee in the business he has formed.
14 For it is I that have commanded him to do so and to accomplish this thing; nevertheless, ye shall not go in as a servant, for he has sought to put thee in this capacity, for those who are hired and are given salaries are as servants.
15 But ye shall go in as an equal, that ye be free to accomplish all that I have commanded ye to do.
16 And be not hindered, and this for a wise purpose in Me that ye yet know not of.
17 For I know the end from the beginning, and ye know not anything except it be given unto you by My Spirit; nevertheless, if ye continue to live according to My will, My Spirit will continually instruct thee in this gift that ye know the things that are necessary for ye to know when the time is at hand.
18 This gift I did give unto My servant John Koyle, for he did obey Me in all things that I commanded him.
19 And unto those that are called to My Presiding Bishopric, they shall retain their former callings-- for ye are few in number until others repent and are called.
20 And ye shall give unto My servant Edward the Melchizedek Priesthood that he be able to partake of all the ordinances of the School; nevertheless, he hath no office at the present.
21 And I say unto you it is correct for you to move to Dallas for the present, yet ye shall retain your address here, and if ye are able to purchase property in Salem ye shall do so, for this will be but a temporary move that ye help My servant Lee in his work that I have called him to.
22 For I will prosper My servant Lee as in times past, and I will bless him that he will retain all things I have given unto him, if he continue to heed My will.
23 For I am well pleased with what he hath done; nevertheless, he has not heeded all My commandments in this matter, but has listed to others, and he shall rectify this.
24 And unto My maidservant Cathy, behold I say unto her that I am well pleased with many of her actions, but she does yet fear some things, and has left it up to My Servant to accomplish on his own some responsibilities that remain partly hers.
25 Nevertheless, she shall not fret for I will make up her strength, that she be able to accomplish these things if she but pray unto Me and ask for strength to accomplish them.
26 For it is partly her rebellion in this matter that she is physically weak and is oftimes despondent.
27 Yet I have upheld her in her weaknesses because of her great faith, which if she exercise she will develop gifts that will benefit many people.
Even so, Amen.
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