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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 133

Revelation received November 20, 1986
At Dallas, Texas

My son, it is My will that ye give not up the farm, for it is Mine saith the LORD, for I will show unto thee how that ye may obtain it, but ye must make haste and go to Canada.
And ye shall take the monies from the Order and pay out the farm as I shall instruct thee. And ye shall make an equitable settlement with thy wife as I have shown thee.
And unto My servant Lee: ye shall say unto him that what he hath accomplished in establishing the Ozondah Company I am well pleased in.
Nevertheless, there are other matters that he hath disregarded, for he hath not heeded that which I have told him to make My Servant equal, and he hath known what I have meant in this request.
But he cannot act for he hath placed upon himself great burdens of debt which is not My will, for I say unto thee: be free of these things, for they now greatly hinder the work he hath started.
For he desireth to multiply many wives from Babylon. Behold, I say unto thee that ye not multiply many wives from Babylon.
For ye shall seek to please them, and because they care not for Me, nor the building up of My kingdom, but seek entirely their own, they shall lead thee into forbidden paths and seek to destroy the work that ye have begun.
For they seek the luxuries of the world without works-- and not Life Eternal.
For unto this time, ye shall live the laws that pertain to righteousness and look well after that which ye have, for there are those among you who take liberties that are not theirs to take-- being unteachable and rebellious.
10 They shall repent and humble themselves before Me, that I may forgive them and cleanse them.
11 For if they do this not, instead of confidence they shall know fear, for that which I have given I can surely take away.
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