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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 134

Revelation received December 7, 1986
At Dallas, Texas

My son, ye are unable to find a place to receive My revelations, for the evil one does oppress thee round about, therefore I do forgive thee.
And ye have been given wisdom that ye receive these in diverse places, for the evil one does possess those around thee, for they heed his words and rebel against My counsel, for his desire is to destroy thee both spiritually and physically.
And he uses those that ye love the most that he may break thy will and thy spirit. And if they continue, I will take thee from amongst them, and they will go here and there and find no rest.
Nevertheless, ye shall redeem My farm and give unto My maidservant Mildred her inheritance.
And ye shall take the farm and fence it round about, and to those who are faithful, ye shall provide unto them a portion thereof for a fixed amount.
Ye shall divide it into acre and half-acre plots, and those who dwell there shall keep the commandments I have given them, and bring no unclean things thereon.
And unto My servant Robert2, ye shall give unto him two acres, even the acres that occupy the North-East corner south.
And if My maidservant Mildred repents, ye shall give unto her the half-acre whereon the house dwells, that she have a place where she may dwell in peace, but she shall not dwell there if she repents not, and listens not to her husband-- and what she hath been given will be given unto another.
And ye shall give unto My servant Scott even an acre in the South-West corner whereon he may build and dwell if he heeds My will and overcomes the temptations of the flesh.
10 For this is the beginning of My Zion, and none shall stay My hand.
11 And I give unto My servant Robert2 the piece I have given unto him because he caused it to be polluted, therefore he hath received a polluted inheritance.
12 And the rest of the property ye shall divide into half acre lots and the righteous may dwell there if they so desire.
13 And two acres shall be set aside for the United Order that it may be a beginning of My Storehouse.
14 And ye shall set aside an acre unto My maidservant Cathy that she may begin to have an inheritance.
15 Nevertheless, she shall receive a greater inheritance in the land of Salem at a time to come-- if she is faithful.
16 But behold, she shall beware, for the adversary doth seek her soul.
Even so, Amen.
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