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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 135

Revelation received December 12, 1986
At Dallas, Texas

My son, ye have wondered how that ye can overcome the powers of the adversary, and behold ye shall receive this from Me even line upon line, precept upon precept, that the evil one be exposed and be laid bare.
And then shall the prophecy be fulfilled which saith, "And they shall narrowly look upon him, he that deceiveth the whole nation," --for by knowledge it shall be done.
And by this means ye shall know him: if the spirit that hath overcome thee maketh thee feel beyond reproach, and that ye see clearly the faults and weaknesses of others.
And this above all, if because of this knowledge ye condemn and find fault and it maketh ye do things not of thine own self. For this spirit forceth in a subtle manner to do its will-- for it taketh from thee thy freedom.
And in all this, it will make you believe and feel justified that it is of God.
It will also cause you to do the unconventional, and things out of the ordinary; and it will make you believe it is accomplished by the power of God.
Behold, it is this spirit that is sent to deceive even Mine elect. For with this spirit people will write books, dig holes in the ground, build strange edifices, and teach metaphysical doctrines which are the imaginations of their own hearts.
For it uses the pride and vainglory of men to lead them unto forbidden paths and foolishness.
And if men thinketh to themselves that they are better than their fellow men, behold the serpent is given power over them, and they fall with him and are deceived; and he then ruleth over them.
10 For the spirit of the adversary in its many forms of deceitfulness is given to those who rebel against truth and against Me.
11 For I am the way, the truth and the light that leadeth to Life Everlasting.
12 And they rebel against Me when they keep not My commandments.
13 And for those who desire rewards and peace without works, it giveth the spirit of contentment which saith, "All is well in Zion."
14 And for those who desire power without works, they are led to believe they are greater than their fellow men, being lifted up in the pride of their hearts and thus they are taken over by the adversary and reap destruction.
15 And to those who have hate in their hearts, behold the adversary maketh their tongues to utter bitter words, to belittle and degrade-- that cutteth to the heart the innocent and pure, that he might make them miserable like unto himself.
16 And they are made to belittle and degrade My servant, and they are given tongue far beyond their capacity, that they may discourage and break My servants and bring shame and blasphemies against them, hoping that they will be discouraged and cease to do My will.
17 Behold I say unto you, it was this same spirit that spoke through the women and men attending the scourge of the Savior, even My Son, that caused My servant Peter to deny Me thrice and blaspheme My name.
18 For a man hath power over, and feareth not something he understands, for without knowledge he feareth and it hath power over him.
19 Therefore, let each man maketh himself acquainted with the attributes and deceitfulness of the adversary, knowing his ways, and the way he may deceive him, that he may perfect himself and not be subject to him through his weaknesses and sins.
20 And there is another spirit that deceiveth man, and that is the spirit of inactivity which comes to those who desire not to work but to rely totally upon faith.
21 For they say, "We need not work, for we have faith that the LORD will provide when we are in need."
22 And they say, "We spend time and meditate and pray to our Father in heaven."
23 Behold I say unto you, I hear not their prayers, for they sin a greater sin than those who strive to do right but faileth.
24 Behold I say unto you, that these are some of the spirits that can cause thee to lose thy salvation, and as ye recognize them, and ye correct your lives that they no longer can afflict thee, then ye have cast them out and have exposed them for what they are, having overcome them by knowledge.
25 Nevertheless, many afflictions of men are carried down from generation to generation because of the sins of the parents. Behold these are difficult to overcome, and require much fasting and prayer.
26 Behold, I have not told you all-- but this is sufficient for the present, for I give line upon line, that eventually all will be exposed and made bare that all who desire may overcome all things thereby.
27 And the adversary rageth that his kingdom be exposed for its corruption and deceitfulness.
Even so, Amen.
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