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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 136

Revelation received February 4, 1987
At Dallas, Texas

My son, ye have asked Me your Savior what ye shall do to begin to establish Zion, and behold ye and My servant Lee have done much to establish a financial foundation that must be set up first to begin to accomplish this-- and ye have done this against much opposition; for those with whom ye have to deal with desire not My kingdom, but their own aggrandizement.
And the adversary seeketh to nullify thy efforts by bringing discontent among the brethren and causing them to spread their efforts in every direction that bringeth the main function to a halt.
For My servant Lee must keep his eye single to that vision I first gave to him that he be not led astray on diverse paths that dissipate his efforts.
For again he doth listen to his friends and is led to spend his time and energies in chasing after that which is not of Me.

And I am well pleased with the efforts of My servant Robert2 in pursuing after that which I have inspired him to do, and he hath been faithful and true in spite of his many trials and opposition.
For he has stood alone as all My servants must do to become worthy of My blessings.
And unto My servant Heber, I say unto him that he continue in what he is doing and I also will bless him.
For even if he is not successful, he hath provided the groundwork for those that follow, even as My servant John Koyle; for as others shall complete what he hath started, so will others reap the efforts of My servant Heber.
And this also I say unto My servant Walther, that he be not discouraged, for he hath much to do if he so desireth; and I am with him even in his loneliness, for those whom I love I try in the fire of adversity that they be strengthened in spirit and in mind that in the day of tribulation they fail not.
10 And behold, ye shall make one last effort to contact My servant Barry, that he may yet be persuaded to heed My word, and repent of the paths he is pursuing that he not be led further astray. For I have much good for him to accomplish if he but heed My word.
11 And to those of My School in Salem, I say unto them: hold fast unto that which ye have which is true and of Me, and heed not the advice of the wicked.
12 And unto My servant Scott, ye shall say unto him that he stay faithful, and I will yet bless him with the righteous desires of his heart.
13 For all heavenly rewards are based on faithfulness and the living of My commandments and upon none other thing.
14 Therefore continue on in your efforts to accomplish My will in all things.
Even so, Amen.
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