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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 137

Revelation received April 1, 1987
At Dallas, Texas

My son, there are forces about that are raging against thee and the little band that I have chosen.
Yet there are those among you who are nearly thine enemies for they do bring more grief upon thee than do thine enemies.
And again I must speak unto My servant Lee, for he does err. For he hath not yet complied with My admonition to make My Servant equal.
For the sharing of the shares is part but not all.
For I say unto you that all the monies he hath taken from the Ozondah he hath not shared equally, but he hath set himself up as the head, believing that he sinneth not in doing this.
And behold, part of the troubles that have swiftly come upon thee have come from this stiffneckedness, and the Ozondah is in danger of falling.
For he saith to all that it was he that established the Ozondah. But I say unto you, was it not I that gave it to him? And was it not I that gave unto him confidence that he was able to accomplish this thing?
And like unto Moses, he taketh the honor unto himself.
Therefore if he repents not, I will take that which have given him and give it unto another, for can I not give powers and gifts, and can I not take them away?
10 For when men seek to build their own Kingdom instead of Mine, saith the LORD, My Spirit departs and they are left alone.
11 Behold I say unto you, he who seeks to build My kingdom shall surely build his own.

12 And again I say unto you, a man must abide his own calling and not seek another.
13 For when a man receives a calling to perform a certain task, all who are called to assist him must work through him.
14 If the steward neglects his calling, another shall be called to replace him, but until that time all must be done through the one called.
15 For if a man seeketh to take a calling unto himself, and desires not to work under the one who is called, he is then an usurper, being full of envy, desiring someone else's glory.
16 Beware ye seek not after the glory of others, for when ye are accounted your own stewardship will be lacking. Behold did not the adversary do this, and did he not lose his glory and reward?
17 And I give unto each a stewardship which if they honor they shall be successful.
18 For I gave unto My servant John Koyle the stewardship of the Mine in Salem and behold, he honored his stewardship, and did what I commanded him and has surely received his reward.
19 For I say unto you, that which one starts others may be called to complete.
Even so, Amen.
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