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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 138

Revelation received April 23, 1987
At Dallas, Texas

My son, it is imperative that ye sit down and write out the revelation I have to give unto thee.
For I the Lord God, even Jehovah, do say unto you that when ye have dealt fairly with others, and they have not dealt fairly with thee, and have persecuted, cheated, slandered, borne false witness against thee, lied to thee, stolen that which is yours, or in any way sinned grievously against thee, and ye have warned them to stop on three occasions, and they have not repented, then ye are justified in coming before Me asking for My intervention on your behalf.
And this ye shall do. Ye shall take a proxy who is agreeable who is of the same belief as thyself, even one of your brethren or sisters, male for male, female for female, and ye shall ask Me, even your LORD, to intercede on your behalf and judge between thee and this person and ask that a just reward or blessing or punishment be given unto him (for this can be performed to also give a blessing.)
And if it be so that he sinneth against Me, and the work I have caused you to perform, ye shall then curse him in My name.
Nevertheless, ye shall look to yourself before ye do this and see that ye yourself have completely repented of thine own sins and unbelief.
For if ye yourself are not justified, then ye must beware that the cursing be not turned upon thyself.
And if ye desire to give a blessing and ye are justified, behold I will consider all petitions and answer them according to My wisdom and understanding.
Even so, Amen.
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