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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 139

Revelation received May 13, 1987
At Dallas, Texas

My son, this night I will give unto thee strength that ye may receive My word that I have to say unto this people, for it is important that they receive My communications from time to time.
Behold, I have taken unto Myself My servant Robert4 and indeed I have prepared a place for him, for even though he had many weaknesses, he did heed My word in many instances; nevertheless, he like unto My servant Orson Pratt was led astray by his own imaginings, thinking he knew better than his God; therefore I have taken him.
And unto his concubine Helen, I say unto her that she be not despondent and pray earnestly unto Me that she may know what I will have her do that she be saved in My kingdom, for she will be saved if she will heed My word, for it was meet that she abide as she has done until this time, for she has done what I commanded her.
And what of the Ozondah? I have spared it this second time, that it may yet be a blessing unto Me to build up My Zion.
Nevertheless, My servant continues to disregard what I have commanded him in the main part, although he has repented somewhat, for he has disregarded My word through My Servant.
And for this reason, I have taken the Ozondah nearly from him. And this I do that perhaps he fully repent that My work go forth.
For I will not bless it fully until My servant has repented fully.
Nevertheless, the adversary rageth and is allowed to rage that Mine enemies be exposed.
And unto My servant Edward; behold, he has chosen a wife from Babylon. He shall beware least he be led astray by her beliefs and false teachings.
10 Nevertheless, if he is faithful in doing My work in finishing the Endowment House, and in furthering the cause of Zion, he shall not lose his reward.

11 And thus I make an end of speaking on these matters, for I desire to impart unto you much about the gathering of My children Israel.
12 For it is time that they begin to come forth. For they are lost as to their identity, yet I know them, and will call them forth from their hiding place.
13 And I have shown unto thee some of the whereabouts of these people, and from time to time I will show you more as to where they settled and how they came about where they are today, and how they can be identified among the heathen.
14 For they were taken into captivity, even by the Assyrians and Babylonians, even a great host.
15 For first the Israelites were taken northward even to Halah and Habor and by the Medes and Persians.
16 And the tribes of Reuben, half of Manasseh, Gad, Naphtali, and part of the tribe of Dan were taken captive first, they being on the east side of the Jordan and in an exposed position.
17 And at a time later the other tribes of Israel, excepting Judah and Benjamin, were taken captive and were also placed in this area, even a numerous host.
18 And the tribe of Judah was also taken into captivity, even by the Babylonians and were taken eastward and were dispersed among their cities even a great host.
19 Nevertheless, a few returned under the hand of My servant Ezra, and built again the walls around Jerusalem, and restored the temple and the sanctuary.
20 Nevertheless, the majority remained in Babylon, and were numbered among the Babylonians.
21 And behold, the numerous host of the Israelites that were taken captive by the Assyrians did rebel against them and escaped even northward; and because they were so numerous they did cover the face of the land.
22 And behold a great many of them mingled their seed with the heathen nations that proceeded them.
23 For these heathen people were the descendants of Shem and Japeth who dispersed at the time of the tower of Babel; and the seed of Japeth covering the land north and west and the seed of Shem covering the land north and east.
24 For these sought not valiantly after their God, and became the heathen nations. They being not cursed as the seed of Ham, but they became dark in complexion, and dark in their mind to the word of God.
25 Nevertheless, they being of the seed of Shem and Japeth, they were cursed not that they could not hold the holy priesthood, for only the seed of Cain were thus cursed in this manner, but they could not hold it by lineage, but only if they were adopted into a family already holding the Priesthood, and in this day only if they are adopted into one of the chosen tribes, yea even of the descendants of My servant Jacob-- whom I called Israel.
26 And so were the children of Israel and of Judah scattered among the nations of the heathen, for they openly rebelled against Me, and built unto themselves gods and worshipped them and took unto themselves gods of the heathen nations and worshipped them and thus they committed fornications against Me; and thus I divorced Myself from them and cast them out among the heathen.
27 Nevertheless, I cast them not out of My mind, but promised that I would remember them in the last days.
28 And they migrated westward and northward, yea even a numerous host, and they became a great nation among the heathen nations and among the desolate places and did spread upon the face of the land.
29 And they did rebel against their captors, nevertheless, except for those who returned under the hand of Ezra, none returned to the land of their inheritance, but migrated to the north and to the west, sweeping before them the inhabitants of the land.
30 And because they took few records with them, they soon lost the knowledge of their forefathers, and became a lost people among the heathen.
31 Nevertheless, they retained some of their original customs and they remembered among themselves that they should not intermarry among the tribes, neither should they intermarry among the heathen, yea and because of this belief, some did keep to themselves and did develop different tongues and languages.
32 And those who kept their blood pure are identifiable even today.
33 Nevertheless, there were a great many who mingled their blood with the heathen and became like unto them, dark in mind and complexion.
34 But those few who did keep themselves pure, and defiled not themselves, retained the fairness of their skin and the blueness of their eyes.
35 For this is one of the ways they shall be identified in these the last days.
36 For they did even become the Gentile nations, and scattered themselves throughout the continent of Europe and throughout the islands of the sea.
37 And Ephraim traveled north and separated himself from his brethren and went to the lands of Scandinavia and they did become even this people, and did spread even from England to Russia, and because there were few inhabitants of the land that proceeded them, they did remain more pure.
38 And part of the tribe of Dan did travel even farther north yet they did intermarry with the heathen and became like unto them, and very few of this portion of this tribe can be identified even to this day.
39 And behold Simeon and Levi did I mix among the tribes as I did promise My servant Israel for they did commit an evil because of their anger.
40 Nevertheless, I did identify Levi and placed a mark upon him that he be not lost.
41 For besides the blue eyes and fair complexion, I did place upon their heads a crown of red hair that they may be identified even unto this day.
42 And unto Judah shall the gathering be, for they also are among all nations; nevertheless, the scepter remained in Judah, and the lion of the tribe of Judah remaineth even unto this day, for the royal seed fled to England and Ireland, even before the captivity.
43 And I did bring the choicest of all to this place, even the descendants of the Holy One of Israel, and are ye not one of them?
44 For are they not the elect of this generation as promised they would be, and they shall surely be gathered first.
Even so, Amen.
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