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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 14

Revelation received January 17, 1963
At Creston, British Columbia, Canada

Behold I say unto you at this time, prepare the works ye have received at diverse times.
Prepare them for printing, even by study and diligence, and by inspiration that it may be an acceptable work unto Me, and thou shalt do the work thyself, by thine own hand, and ways and means shall be provided that thou mayest be able to accomplish this work if thou do it with all diligence.
Yea, and there are many things that thou desireth to know which ye shall surely obtain knowledge of if thou art diligent, but because of weaknesses I am constrained, and I cannot reveal these things unto you at this time lest thou fall and be overcome.
Prove thyself in all things and be not despondent, for I am with thee and surely watching over thee that thou be not destroyed before thou hast accomplished the things I command and will require of thee if thou art diligent.
Behold I say unto thee, thou art desirous of another wife, which thing is pleasing in My sight, but thy garments are not yet fully clean and on occasion thou dost list to the temptings of the adversary.
Prepare thyself more fully for this, for this is in fulfillment of the commandments I have given to the children of men, which if they keep in holiness their reward shall be great.
Behold I say unto you, because My church has not lived this commandment and have feared men rather than their God, behold I say unto you, they have been damned, even that I have given unto them no further enlightenment, for they trample that which they have under their feet, esteeming the wisdom of men as more worth than the wisdom of their God, saying boldly that God no longer requires this of them, for they seek the praise of the world, and are ashamed of the holy covenants of God.
And it was because of their fear and much complaining that the fullness of the gospel, even the New and Everlasting Covenant in its fullness was taken from among them.
Therefore, I command the leaders of My church to exercise the authority they have in them, even the sealing powers, to bind on earth as in heaven, even in their fullness.
10 Even then shall I again speak to them face to face and My curse shall be taken from them, for by My word I am bound.
11 But behold I say unto thee, that if they reject this commandment which I have given through My servant, then shall they know My vengeance, saith the LORD.
12 For My house shall be clean, and even by the power of My word I shall do it, even all that I have spoken of this matter.
Even so, Amen.

13 Behold I say unto you, prepare thyself to move and seek suitable employment in the United States, and I will bless you in this matter, even that thou will be able to provide for thy family.
14 Prepare thyself for important things to come.
15 Write again to that person called Hope, for she has begun to repent of the evil she has committed and even, if she will have it, she will help thee in the preparation of this material, even for its printing.
16 Write unto her even as I shall dictate, and this I lay as a commandment.
Even so, Amen.
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