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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 140

Revelation received June 11, 1987
At Dallas, Texas

Now behold My son, ye have wondered in your heart the reason ye have been called to this place called Dallas, seeing that it is so evil and ready for destruction.
Nevertheless, I did call thee here for a purpose, that ye would assist My servant Lee in the establishment of the Ozondah.
And behold I did truly call My servant to set this up according to My will, and he did what I commanded him and he did bless My servant, and he gave unto him in his poverty, and for this I did bless him exceedingly and prospered him greatly in the formation of the Ozondah and thus because of his sincere heart.
And I did test him to see if he would obey all the commandments I would give him concerning this Order, even the law of consecration; and thus I commanded him to make My Servant equal in all things pertaining to this Order.
Nevertheless, he heard Me not, thinking that I meant some other thing.
For his heart was no longer single to My glory, but on the riches he had obtained. And thus I took from him some of the gains that perhaps he repent.
For when I call someone and give unto him a stewardship by My word, and by My will, is he not then in My employ and subject to My will?
For when a man hireth another and pays him handsomely can he not then command him to do his will, and if he do it not is he not then justified in dismissing him and paying him no more?
Yet My servant did repent somewhat and I did again bless him, yet he did not make My Servant equal, and again My Spirit did withdraw its protecting hand, and the ravager did commence his work, and nigh even destroyed the Ozondah and yet My servant repented not, having not his eye single to My glory.
10 Nevertheless, let no man mock My servant, for he hath done much to establish Zion.
11 And if he so desires, he shall continue on with the Ozondah-- yet it shall no longer be called by this name, for it has become polluted.
12 And he shall build it up according to his own desires, and he shall be blessed only as men are blessed if they are honest and true in their dealings to their fellow man.
13 Nevertheless, he shall not have the greater blessings, for he was unable to live the law of consecration, and shall be subject to the law of tithing if he so desires.
14 And as unto My servant, he shall return all the shares unto the corporation-- that all gifts, obligations and amenities be paid in full; and this for a wise purpose ye know not of.
15 Behold I say unto all, be mindful of each others needs, prepare yourselves in that ye have a broken heart and a contrite spirit, that ye may shed the old and receive the new; being cleansed from sin by the atonement of My blood.
Even so, Amen.
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