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2nd Book of Commandments 141

Revelation received September 23, 1987
At Payson, Utah

My son, ye have asked Me your Savior what ye shall do concerning your situation in Utah.
Behold I say unto you, be not concerned, for I will surely look after thy needs; nevertheless, it is not My will that ye should work further in Babylon, but ye shall establish the corporation ye have started and place all thy properties within that corporation both in Canada and the United States, that ye begin to build up the United Order that it become a blessing throughout the world.
And ye shall take the covenants of the United Order as I shall dictate unto thee and do this before witnesses, and covenant that ye shall keep the statutes of the Order according to My will.
And ye have asked Me what ye shall do concerning the Ozondah. Behold I say unto you, that ye shall have nothing to do with it unless My servant Lee will begin to follow My counsel.
Nevertheless, ye shall purchase product from this company, but ye shall not at this time be implicated in its operation.
And the words I now give unto My servant Lee are not by way of commandment but by way of instruction only, for the company is no longer Mine.
And thus I say unto him, that it will be well for him that he no longer be administrator and President of the Company, but President only, and another whom I shall designate as administrator.
And it is My will that the operation be moved to Utah, and he shall go from place to place and organize and recruit honest people to work for the Company.
And it shall no longer be called the Ozondah, but shall be called Renew Life, and it shall function as a part of the United Order Society of Utah.
10 And if he does this with a humble heart and works with all his might it may be that I will again bless him with My Spirit.
11 And concerning his wives, they are his responsibility and if he chooses them out of Babylon they shall be to him a thorn and a consternation and a sorrow.
12 And as ye have asked Me as to concubinage, behold it is a sacred obligation, and must be engaged in the same manner as a marriage.
13 For concubinage can only be practiced with great wisdom and by revelation, and only by those who are fully converted and capable of living it with understanding and knowledge.
14 And I say unto those whom I call, they are not to have sexual intercourse with anyone of My maidservants unless I command it by revelation.
15 And if I command that ye take a concubine, ye will treat her as ye would a wife; nevertheless, the children ye beget from her are not yours, for she will not be a concubine unless her true husband be known.
16 And ye shall read the previous revelation ye have concerning this matter, for have I not said that if a woman be alienated from her husband that she be taken from him and given to another, that the children not be corrupted by her rebellion?
17 And if she be sealed to her first husband as explained in My instructions in Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132 and he hath not sinned, therefore her children are his and she belongeth to him also, and if he remaineth faithful he will receive her in the resurrection of the just.
18 And if her husband be not living at the time, and she be sealed to him, then she also shall seek to her brother-in-law, and if there be none, or be none worthy, she shall seek to the LORD as to whom she shall go to, and she shall be unto this man as a concubine.
19 This is the law of concubinage and is according to the laws of God, so that all may be in accordance with My law in Zion.
20 And anyone who adds to this and desires to circumvent this law committeth sin and is in need of repentance.
21 Behold I say unto you, that those who are consumed by lust seek ways to circumvent My law and unless they speedily repent shall lose that which they already have.
22 And ye have asked Me concerning the Jews. Behold I say unto you, those who call themselves Jews today are but a small portion of them Jews and are liars seeking to claim the inheritance from My servant Judah, and such as are not Jews shall be exposed and laid bare, and the true descendants of this My servant be made known that they may take their rightful inheritance.
23 And all who claim to be of the blood of Judah who have not a fair complexion and blue eyes are not of Judah. And thus ye may know them.
24 And there be few among them that are pure, having mixed their seed with the heathen.
25 Nevertheless, because of their Israelitish blood they can be adopted into the tribe wherewith they reside and whose blood they carry, that they find an inheritance in Zion-- for did I not say that all nations would be blessed because of the seed of My servant Israel, which descendants ye are?
26 By this means only can they then hold the Holy Priesthood: after having the Gentile blood purged from their veins, then can they be counted among My people.
27 However, this is all based upon their righteousness, for these blessings cannot come upon them unless their desire is to keep all of My commandments.
Even so, Amen.
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