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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 142

Revelation received December 21, 1987
At Payson, Utah

My son, ye have read the pamphlet written and published by the person called Fred; and behold it is partly in fulfillment of the prophecy that he has been given the capacity to even deceive the most elect;
For have I not said that he is like unto the serpent of olden times who deceived My maidservant Eve?
Yet he is even more cunning, for he has the power given unto him to deceive even Mine elect if it were possible;
But it shall not be possible, for Mine elect hear My voice and know by the power of My Spirit, even the Spirit of Revelation, the deceit he has so carefully planted.
And unto My servant Robert2 and My servant Richard were ye not able to discern the carefully disguised deceit?
For does he not say and imply that Jehovah is God the Father?
Behold I say unto you, that our Father, even Adam or Michael, is the head of this dispensation, and it is to him we worship, and it is to Him we seek to establish our lineage, and to none other.
And as to the Church of the Firstborn, much of what he suggests applies to this organization is in error, for he hath not the Spirit.
For like unto all arguments presented by the adversary, he useth reason and true doctrine to couch the false doctrine he wishes to perpetuate.
10 Oh, that My servants would not be led to praise and glorify that which is of the adversary.
11 Would it not be much more appropriate for them to praise and glorify the words received by a true servant and prophet of God?
12 For some take pleasure in searching out the faults and weaknesses of My true prophets; and because of this they become weak and are led carefully to disregard the truth, and to begin to praise wicked men.
13 I say unto you, what use are they then to Me in My kingdom which will surely come?
14 Behold, have I not more than one on the earth who is faithful in all things that they can discern the subtle cunning of the adversary?
15 Behold I say unto you, that ye shall call to the World School My servant Edward, that he may be a counselor-- that My Quorum be again full.
16 And ye shall call upon My servant Walther to organize a School of the Prophets in the nation called West Germany;
17 And he shall be President of this School, and I call as his counselor My servant Tola; and say unto him that I am well pleased with his efforts in keeping My commandments.
18 And this shall be but a temporary calling for My servant Walther, for it is My will that My servant Tola become President of the School there as soon as he thoroughly understands the responsibility that is required of him.
19 And I release from the Presiding Bishopric My servant Lee, and give unto him the Bishopric for the Dallas area that he may establish a foothold in that area of My vineyard.
20 Nevertheless, he must do all things under the guidance of the Presiding Bishopric, that all may be in order.
21 And I call to the Presiding Bishopric in his place My servant Heber, and this I do because of his faithfulness and understanding of My word; nevertheless he must look after his health.
22 And unto My servant Walther, I give unto him a commandment that when implemented will begin to give strength and power to My servants;
23 And this I say unto him that he lay his hands upon the head of My servant Tola and purge from his veins and body the Gentile blood that is in him; and this ye shall do before ye make him a counselor in the School.
24 And to purge his blood ye shall say the following:

25 I, (name of person-- in this case Walther) having authority given me of the Father, I place my hands upon the head of (name of person-- in this case Tola) and purge from his body the Gentile blood that dwells therein, that the body no longer be split by dissension, and the veil of darkness be lifted from his eyes. And I hereby adopt you into the tribe of (name of Tribe-- in this case Issachar) of the house of Israel, and from this time forth ye shall be numbered among his seed. Amen

26 Now behold, does not a representative of this tribe again reign upon the earth?
27 Behold I say unto you, are not the bands of ignorance being broken and the dews of heaven being poured forth from the Heavens, and this in spite of the wicked and your unbelief?
28 And unto My servant, I say unto you, I bless ye not with the wealth that is required to build Zion at this time because of those about thee who have not prepared themselves for this responsibility. For they seek their own and not My will.
Even so, Amen.
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